Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings

Right now we take a quick pause to recognize the movers and shakers who dominate our discourse and local policy . . . And so, here are the winners this week:

Full Speed Ahead For Toy Train

Streetcar expansion down Main Street funded by City Hall borrowing got the go ahead from T&I this week and even better all of the media stood silent during the EPIC money grab. The process is rigged and this group of cheerleaders clearly have the inside track no matter who is in power.

Mayor-Elect Quinton Lucas Plays The Part

He looked even more "mayoral" this week. We'll have more on this power player but for now, it's encouraging to see him taking center stage on social media rather than letting donors and influencers push him around. Developing . . .

KCMO Trans Community Speaks Out

The group pushed past local media and used national advocates to raise more awareness about a horrific homicide in their community. As always, we hope for an end to the killing throughout KCMO but right now we're glad to see advocates and activists work to raise awareness and protect more vulnerable people.

And so . . .

Again, an honorable mention for KC Pet Project and their constant pet cuteness . . .

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people, trends and our times.


  1. KC loses. Sorry.

  2. But the City never mentions that the Streetcar does not bring jobs, just free Overland Park tourist riders. Any investment in mass transit should be about jobs. The streetcar is not bringing jobs.

  3. But the streetcar does provide jobs. Blowjobs from all the homosexuals and trannies riding it. They blow each other all day.

  4. Wow!
    THE streetcar!
    A brand new woke mayor!
    Celebrating the 0.39% of the country's population who are trans.
    And don't forget to mention the horribly incompetent reassessment of property from Jackson County!
    Is KC like Brooklyn yet?

  5. T you missed it this week it was the Jackson County property taxpayers that protested the phony assessment process all 20,000.



  7. Frank White get out!

  8. Had a comment but the one at 11:46 said it bettter.

    “Full speed ahead for toy train” is a funny headline and here’s why. That li’l nostalgia train will be so slow when it ascends main from the low area which is Pershing/union station. It’s a pretty beastly hill from crown center up to midtown ridge around Linwood/armour area. And Main Street isn’t a very easy grade. Nostalgia train already slows way down when it goes up 3rd street from grand towards the left turn on Delaware ... and that’s a baby hill compared to climbing up to penn valley park.

    Hundreds of millions diverted from basic needs for this nostalgia train ... its embarrassing.


  9. ^^ See you at the streetcar extension to UMKC groundbreaking ceremony. Weird.

  10. ^^^Only if your psychiatric attendants agree to take you there.

  11. Will all THE streetcar enthusiasts be able to get on board and ride it to the courthouse the day the state sends a master over from Jeff City to take over the bankrupt municipality?
    Will they have to push THE streetcar because the electric bill hasn't been paid?
    Enthusiasm for incompetence, stupidity, and gross irresponsibility seems strange.


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