Monday, June 10, 2019


Inspired by Alie hotness, we haven't forgotten about our late night denizens and offer up this quickie collection of local movie features for the overnight.

Kansas City Celeb Success Despite Newspaper Hate

Wow - what a weekend! From the visits and hanging out with the kids, families and staff at Children's Mercy to the Softball Game to the Bowling Tournament to the Party & Auction, the 10th Anniversary of the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend lived up to the hype!

City Hall Runs Hype

Propaganda from 12th & Oak: The Weekly Report provides news and insight about Kansas City, Mo. programs and services provided by City departments.

Kansas City Sounds Pretty

Lily B Moonflower performing "Douglas County Line" at Sofar Kansas City from earlier this year.

And so we take a brief intermission for the overnight . . .

This is the OPEN THREAD for now. We hope to have more good stuff more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

The newspaper doesn't hate this entire city, just anyone who doesn't follow their agenda.

Anonymous said...

KC has a lot of great stuff going on, the newspaper is not a good reflection of what is happening in this community.

Anonymous said...

Anybody else hearing a lot of sirens going off tonight? If this is the open thread then we need to pay some attention to all of this shooting happening during the evenings. City sounds like a damn firing range.

Danger Aaron. said...

^^^ You just get off the bus? KC has been like that for at least 20 years. Welcome to river city. Buy a helmet.

KC Voter & Taxpayer said...

EVERYTHING that comes out of City Hall is hype. Not just the video clips.

Anonymous said...

^^^ True.