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The cheeky roundup is just getting us started as we enjoy a quick peek at pop culture slouching toward an exercize in local Democracy. Take a look:

Daily Mail: Emily Ratajkowski shares sexy bikini snaps from tropical holiday with her husband and friends

NYPost: Emily Ratajkowski’s rich husband may benefit if Cuomo signs Loft law

Fox News: Sarah Hyland slams trolls who criticized Emily Ratajkowski

Closer to home, here are more worthwhile news items for right now . . .

Traffic Tragedy Report

Police: Pedestrian killed in early morning crash

Kansas City police confirm that a pedestrian has died Sunday morning following a collision. Around 5:30 a.m., authorities responded to 47th Street and Ridgeway after they received reports of a pedestrian death.Investigators found that a female was lying in the eastbound lane of 47th Street when a Ford E-150 van, traveling east on 47th, struck the female.

Brookside Blaze Aftermath

Fire forces evacuation at Charlie Hooper's

A fire in the kitchen at Charlie Hooper's forced nearly two dozen patrons to evacuate the popular Brookside bar Sunday evening.

Downtown Drama
'Hamilton' takes a shot at the Downtown arts scene
Fake Gronk Doggy Style

Travis Kelce on his dogs, a new partnership, and the upcoming NFL season

Courtesy Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs fans will have the opportunity to not only meet but dance it out with Travis Kelce and his furry companions, Chauncey and Rambo, this weekend at Bar K. The Chiefs tight end has a new partnership with Seresto, which makes a collar for dogs and cats that provides continuous flea and tick protection.

Kansas City Empty Calories

Thai-style shaved ice at I Am Frozen Dessert Café is our new favorite summer treat

At first, you won't really understand what's happening. In your mouth, I mean. You thought you were getting dessert - something resembling ice cream based on the colorful photos flashing on the television screens above the order counter. But what appears in front of you looks like a heaping pile of glass shards covered in whipped cream and blitzed Oreo...

Dead-Tree Scribe Tribute

Kansas City goes gonzo this summer with Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman

"Lizard Lounge" is one of Ralph Steadman's many illustrations in Hunter S. Thompson's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." It's on display at the Kansas City Central Library this summer. Courtesy Kansas City Public Library From his desk in his Woody Creek, Colorado, home almost 50 years ago, Hunter S.

Steamy Katie Forecast

Humid and sticky Monday, storms possible Tuesday

We're looking at a very active weather pattern for the week

Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD, Travis Barker - I Think I'm OKAY is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Katie looks yummy . Would love to taste that honey.


    Mary Ann was voted "Castaway with the Best Coconuts"!!!

  3. ^^^ VERY NICE!

  4. Killer Shitty

  5. Emily Ratajkowski has the figure of a weak, 12-year old boy with boobs and a droopy posterior. Katie Horny is about a 1000 times hotter.

  6. I know from experience Katie likes to play rough.

  7. 921
    Please tell us more on Katie. Don’t leave out any details.

  8. ^^^Speak for yourself perv. The rest of us who get laid on the regular, don't need to get off like you pervs. Grow up child...he's lying! Both of you virgins go run a long now. You hear?

  9. Chernow is writing a biography of Grant, can we now look forward to a Miranda (c)Rap Musical about how Hiram Ulysses Grant was mixed race too?

  10. ^^hope so!!!!!!

  11. 11:44
    Jacking off in your moms house doesn’t count as a date. You only wish you could get a date.

  12. ^^^^You are sooo old & that comeback is soo lame.


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