Friday, May 10, 2019

The Kansas City Friday Night News Spank

White-lady hip-hop social media thirst traps making news is pretty much where the pop culture stands right now . . .

Inq: Chanel West Coast’s Dominatrix-Style Corset Has Instagram Saying ‘Spank Me’

Closer to home, here are some fo the top news links worth a peek for tonight . . .

Local Busted Pipe Payback

KC Water officials promise fix for homeowner's flooding issues

Every time it rains, Angela Ethington has a bottle of bleach ready to disinfect her basement.The Northland homeowner said that for nearly a year water has poured into her basement from a broken storm sewer along the side of her home.KC Water is trying to fix the issue, but Ethington said that crews have not completed the work quickly.

Enjoy Downtown Kansas City Crumbs

Cordish announces affordable apartment development downtown

The development company that owns Power and Light in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, announced plans Friday to transform an historic 12-story building into a hub for affordable housing called the Saxon at the Midland, adjacent to the Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland.

Big Money Legal Slap Fight

Patterson estate, Illig sue Lathrop Gage over tax credit failure - Kansas City Business Journal

Lathrop Gage LLP faces a $7.3 million lawsuit from the owners of an entity called RP Golf LLC over land donated for conservation purposes that failed to qualify for a tax credit. RP Golf, formerly known as River Park Golf LLC, includes Lindsey Patterson Smith (the representative for Neal Patterson's estate), Cliff Illig, David Ward and Michael Royle.

Golden Ghetto Pinball Wizard Winning

Overland Park woman wins women's world pinball title in Las Vegas

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- When 28-year-old Keri Wing won the Women's World Pinball Championship in Las Vegas on March 28, some people weren't surprised in the least. "She is so amazing it's ridiculous," said Artie Scholes, the owner of the 403 Club in KCK.

Kansas City Can Get Cray
KC mental health crisis center continues to see high demand
Again, Help These Folks Help Out Kansas City Denizens Who Really Need It

Salvation Army locations struggling in the metro

Salvation Army locations across the metro are struggling with funding, after the red kettle fundraising campaign fell short. KMBC 9 looked at the programs that are suffering, and how you can help. Empty shelves at the Northland Salvation Army food pantry mirror what's happening across the metro.

The Weekend Drip Underway

Spotty showers possible Saturday morning

Rain showers are possible after midnight and will continue through the mid-morning Saturday. Spotty showers are possible in the afternoon. Rain showers are also...

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Anonymous said...

Cordish announces affordable apartment development downtown

LOL good one. Very funny. Will the ground level patio include an area for homeless tents?

Anonymous said...

Ooo Chanel beat me whip me make me write bad checks ooo ooo

Anonymous said...

Just remember the EPA had to come in and tell the city you have to have a street sweeper.

Anonymous said...

Well Melaina Trump tried to work with and help Salvation Army and they wouldn't work with her or let her help them, so suck it up Salvation Army. I use to give to you but never again not even one penny goes to you and the others who did the same thing. You want to feed the people? Pay for it yourself!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the salivation army.

Anonymous said...

The Pinball World Wide Champ from KC is the best news I've read all day. You go girl. I understand she's great sax player too!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone just figured out we have crazy killer psycho ass negroes in killa shitty, what took them so long to figure that out

Anonymous said...

The Salvation Army does great work, but the Tranny lovers and cocksuckers at the KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COALTION smeared them badly a while back.

I think it hurt.

The KCAC hardly donates jack shit to the homeless.