Monday, April 08, 2019


Sign of the times and a warning that's nearly as important of mobile phones robbing everyone of friends, confidence and a more realistic view of their world.


KMBC: KCPD issuing warning about robberies connected to popular apps


KCPD said on Facebook that several robberies have been reported in the last few days where victims were using the LetGo app.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Why would you show a sneaker in this article? Oh, forgot. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

That sneaker is racist. I am offended and have notified Al Sharpton.

Anonymous said...

^^...and you are old & unfunny. So unfunny.

Anonymous said...

Last year a Sprint campus employee was selling a phone on craigslist. Someone from Wyandotte wanted to buy so the guy drove to WYCO and some black dude robbed and killed the guy.

Killed for a phone. Never go to WYCO or shady parts of KCMO to sell things online.

Anonymous said...

Never meet a potential "buyer" anywhere without armed friends nearby.

Anonymous said...

Millennials are sucka’s! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Geezers are smelly! Hahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! yourself you freaky Asperger's boy.

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Ah, hell, trillions wouldn't even do the trick! Gibsme dat and more, y'all. said...

Hey, none of that bad stuff will happen if Democrims can get the big reparations money doled out. Just ask those Taliban Twins how many billions is ever going to be enough.

Anonymous said...

Doing garage sales are also not as safe a thing to do anymore. A couple in Olathe was robbed at gunpoint and their cash taken and Olathe PD supposedly didn't do squat.

Anonymous said...

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