Saturday, March 23, 2019


A couple of days ago our TKC Blog community warned Kansas City about sketchy tasting water and NOW it's news fact.


KSHB: KC Water says flooding causing treatment techniques for cryptosporidium to fail


Late Friday, the Kansas City, Missouri Water Department said flooding conditions along the Missouri River have hampered its efforts to effectively treat for cryptosporidium.

Specifically, tests conducted by the department during the week of March 17 showed changes in water quality from the river negatively affected the department’s ability to treat the water. As a result, the utility reported to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources that it had failed to meet a benchmark for successful measurements.

And so this town marches toward election season with sketchy water and far more political candidates than solutions to infrastructure problems.

More from KC Water:

Advisory: KC Water continues to experience water treatment challenges due to Missouri River flooding.

KC Water Continues to Experience Water Treatment Challenges Due to Missouri River Flooding

Tests Show Water Failed to Meet Treatment Technique Requirements

(Kansas City, Mo.) Melting snow, rain runoff, and high floodwaters have combined to create rare treatment challenges for KC Water. Because of changes in the Missouri River, the source of Kansas City’s drinking water, KC Water failed to meet enhanced treatment technique standards for turbidity during March for the treatment of Cryptosporidium.

In accordance with state regulations the turbidity entering the distribution system must be equal to or less than 0.15 nephelometric turbidity units (NTU) in at least 95% of the measurements taken each month. Changes in raw water quality of the Missouri River the week of March 17th caused by flooding have affected the ability of the treatment process to make very fine particles settle out of the water. KC Water reported to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources the failure to meet 0.15 NTU in at least 95% of monthly measurements for the month.

Although the state does not consider this an emergency this mandatory notification is needed to advise customers who a severely compromised immune system, have an infant, or are elderly. These customers may be at increased risk and should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers. General guidelines on ways to lessen the risk of infection by microbes are available from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791. If you have specific health concerns, consult your doctor.

The following is mandatory health effects language from the public notification regulations, 10 CSR 60-8.010. Inadequately treated water may contain disease-causing organisms. These organisms include bacteria, viruses, and parasites which can cause symptoms such as nausea, cramps, diarrhea, and associated headaches.

KC Water is adjusting the treatment process every day to offset the changes in the raw water and additional water quality tests are being conducted to monitor changes and ensure that the water is safe.

As the Missouri River returns to normal levels, KC Water expects the treatment problems to be resolved.

KC Water can be reached by calling 311 or (816) 513-1313 24-hours a day for emergencies.
Customers may also contact the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Kansas City Regional Office 816-251-0700 or Public Drinking Water Branch at 573-526-6925.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor. And BOIL the water.

Hct said...

Not just the taste of the water but ALSO the smell. Some pretty nasty stuff in KCMO right now. Should make us realize that this city is falling apart and we can't even get running water in KC right now. I don't tell people how to vote but this really is something to consider on April 2nd.

Anonymous said...

North KC water in Clay County pretty nasty as well. Just barely within KC city limits and looking to mover further north to escape this nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Flooding only going to get worse this year. Welcome to the new normal.

Anonymous said...

Clay could fix it BUT he's in Virginia.


Anonymous said...

3 Signs Water could be a problem:

1. It’s coming from a copper pipe.
2. It’s not in a bottle or can
3. It came from KC... what good comes from KC?
4. It’s not double otmosis filtered.
5. Water bill is over $75
6. The editorial board hasn’t written something negative about it
7. You turn your tap on and pour a sample out and look under a microscope and see “things”
8. Your social media accounts like Instaface and SnapGram confirm it
9. Jim Acosta continues to attach Trump (and CNN lets him)
10. Hallmark lets When the Heart Calls continue with a Felicity Huffaman look-a-like.
11. Bow Tie Makers sue Sly for false marketing
12. Saturday Night Live does an Obama parody
13. None of the mainstream media go one day without a negative Trump story
14. KC Star says it’s on track to go “paperless” by 2020
15. Tyreek Hill goes to Cleveland

Dex said...

^^^ Why don't you run for something than asshole.

Anonymous said...

What do the prog corprophiliacs and Gopher have to say about THIS momentum, hmm?

Anonymous said...

But I remember all of the bulk mail I received two to three times a week with Sly's torpedo head picture on it saying I'm voting for this "the water treatment that raises your water bill so high" and the liberals didn't check it out at all they just got all creamy because Sly said so and now look. So to all of you who voted for that, go get a huge glass of water and suck it up right now because Sly say's so!

Patel said...

over the last couple weeks I've noticed a yellow tinge to my water and a chemically smell and taste. I've been here for a couple of years now but I don't remember this happening last year. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Yeah, what the hell do you think we're talking about? Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

8:03 is the comment of the day.

Anonymous said...

So what do you want for just $100/month?
Drive downtown trying to keep from wrecking your vehicle from the potholes and see if there's bottled water being handed out on THE streetcar!
First things first in vibrant KCMO!

Sgt. SLie's Virbrant and Robust Fantasyland said...

Nasty and foul smelling and tasting shit.

Anonymous said...

Governance by Whack-a-Mole...KC style

Ignore all attenti on to infrastructure, crime and citizen needs in favor of shiny objects. When need reaches crisis, whack it with a bandaid.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving said...

Nice a frosty new way to sicken, kill, and maim us.

What a city!

Anonymous said...

Boulevard should put out a new flavor called Cryptosporidium Crispy

Anonymous said...

KCMO tap water has tasted like heavy chemicals and shit for three weeks now.

I don't even want to think what those idiots and morons are doing at the treatment plant.

Anonymous said...

Sly's legacy. Choke it down.

Anonymous said...

Another failure in the city of failures. KCMO has sadly failed its citizens.

Anonymous said...

This is not good for KCMO as the foul drinking water will leave a bad taste in the mouths of the 25 million million tourists. The city needs to start a tasteless damage control narrative so its image is not fouled.

Sue The Fuckers said...

nausea, cramps, diarrhea, and associated headaches.

Ah that explains it.

Anonymous said...

"nausea, cramps, diarrhea, and associated headaches."

City Hall gives us that all the time as it is . . .

Worth Repeating said...

Poor product-results is a Hallmark of the James Administration

Anonymous said...

9:44 AM +100

Frosty Vibrant Robust Momentum said...

All time new low city hall can't even deliver clean drinking water.

Anonymous said...

just when you thought they couldn’t fuck anything else up, a new all time low...... and we still haven’t hit bottom

Anonymous said...

^^^ now that’s momentum! Hahahahaha!

Smiling Jack said...

Be sure to vote for any one of the Councilpersons running for Mayor, after all, they've done such a splendid job taking care of the City while they've been in office.

Or just stay home and don't vote, that'll teach them!

Anonymous said...

"I never drink water; that is the stuff that rusts pipes."

W.C. Fields

"I don't drink water, fish fuck in water"

Groucho Marx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bad water management is a Democrat legacy.

Top Legacies of KC Democrats:

1. Years of Tears that Mueller didn’t find anything or manufacture it.
2. Bad water.. filthy flood water
3. Gave bow ties a bad name
4. High... soaring sky high crime
5. Bad Jail management- (the guy running it misses house payments?)
6. Tears they can no longer get their kiddos in College with a check
7. Years of Tears they can’t watch hero FH in Hallmark Calls the Heart
8. Watches middle class 401k go sky high -can’t use “middle class forgotten” against Trump
9. Realize hero AOC is a nut job. Incidental use of mult-syllable words threw Dems off.
10. Know Clay has the best plan- but wrong skin color.
12. Can’t believe Secfion 8 apartments coming so close to Downtown
13. Realize none of their plans worked with crime
14. None of their plans worked for getting poverty eliminated (made it worse)
15. Realize their partner in crime is on the decline (media)
16. Can’t count on CNN’s Acosta for anything
17. Realize no one important is watching SNL
18. Wonder what they can do to stop Fox and America?
19. Wonder why everyone isn’t eating kale? Then just read the latest pesticide report
20. Wonder why no one reads the papers even though they are heavily stacked with tofu-eating-Volvo-driving-kale-eating-check-writing-for-Dems-hippie-loving-cash-for-not-working-AOC-like-minded Zombies.


Aaah, mebbe ta hell in a hand basket, wut I be sayn. said...

We'z beez DestroyIt, Michigan befo' S'lie be moved ta Washuntun DC, y'all! Killa Shithole dun gone to fail like a dud han-grun-ade!