Redux: Councilman Quinton Lucas Explains 'Racial Justice' Mayoral Campaign Blitz

We talked about this one in great detail FIRST on TKC . . . Here's the conversation that made it to MSM viewers and voters . . Checkit:

Quinton Lucas' campaign commercial hits several issues

Commercials for the Kansas City mayor's race are about to hit the airwaves, including one from Quinton Lucas, which brings up several issues.


  1. How about some dui justice? Quinton the lying affirmative action mooch pleads guilty to his dui charge.

  2. Ok so I liked the very short clip of quinton he spoke well even though not much was said. He still is too afraid to come out and say the problem in KCMO is young black males killing each other. They all say it’s a gun control issue, but guns don’t get up and walk into saggy jeans and get pulled out to shoot at homes by themselves.


  3. That just goes to show you Lucas is an idiot. Regardless of gun control those young black males and females are going to have guns. He needs to call it out, that it's black people. So if you vote for this guy you are indeed a stupid person.

  4. Call it out, and then what?

  5. Can someone ask quinton Lucas why is it that the whitest zip codes in Missouri that have MORE access and ownership of guns/ammo have nothing close to the amount of homicides compared to the KCMO third district?

    I’m talking about white zip codes loaded with firepower that would make a liberal pee their pants and drive by shootings. Then you have third district where people own stolen, old, or rusty throw away guns with limited ammunition supply and shootings happen all the time. And the quinton Lucas is finna tell me that gun control is the answer to KC crime?

    Boy.....get real. You need to have a young black male conference on the real problem instead of getting wrapped up in race hoax propaganda. You really give a shit about KC? Then start being honest on camera. Even sly James knows what the problem is. He has hinted a few times at it, but of course he would never dare address it in earnest.

  6. More

  7. Sounds like a hell f a lot more "Racial" than it does "Justice"!


    An African-American SJW and an Irish-American walk into a restaurant. The Irishman orders a corned beef sandwich and potato soup. The SJW instinctively says, "I'll have what he's having!!!"

  9. Lucas is the emptiest of empty suits.
    But the other half of the problem is the fact that local media, in this case Mahoney, insists of lobbing softball questions and never calling the nonsense these people spout to account.
    Some of the other comments are right on the mark.
    WHO, exactly, perpetrates the majority of the crime and violence?
    And you don't need an expensive "data-driven" analysis to answer that.
    It never changes.

  10. WOW!! @8:49 speaks such truth. Who are you? Please run for mayor!!

  11. Boom. It's happening Kansas City. Mayor Lucas.

  12. What happened with Quinton’s drunk driving arrest when he was out at that gay bar in Lawrence?

  13. Alcohol control for that drunk affirmative action homo

  14. 4:32 comment

    He's due in Lawrence court Thursday 3-14-19.


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