Follow-up to a story wherein mainstream media keeps the most important detail quiet WHILST wringing their hands over the drama.

Reality check, we noted the Kansas vendetta on this last year.

The latest:

"A Wyandotte County judge on Friday dismissed all charges against Schlitterbahn Waterpark officials, saying he found multiple abuses by the Kansas Attorney General's Office in the grand jury process."

Check the links:

KMBC: Murder case dismissed in Schlitterbahn water slide death due to 'improper evidence'

Fox4: Judge drops charges against Schlitterbahn owners

KSHB: Charges dropped against Schlitterbahn officials

Developing . . .


  1. Gee to hear you tell it your AWESOME BLOG COMMUNITY was entirely responsible for the charges in the first place.

    So way to go. That proved nothing, like usual

  2. Good. @12:30 Go fuck yourself

  3. Tracy is gonna be pissed.


  5. Oh Tracy will not be happy for sure. But was her opinion rather we all liked it or not. It was a freak accident that happened on a ride designed to scare the crap out of you. Overall the smart thing would have been to have never built it but many thousands of riders and close friends will disagree with me on this. To this day I still hear those that wish it was still here so they could ride it some more. The thrill of walking to the edge of death is still very much in demand by the masses.

    More people die in a month riding dirt bikes than ever did on that monster slide and nobody is charged with murder or such while screaming for the removal of all dirt bikes so I say it's time we move on past this sad event and carry on as should have been done with this in the very beginning.

  6. ^^Well you're in no position to say it's time to move on past this. You are of no consequence or substance so it makes no difference what you think.

  7. ^^^Nor you.

  8. ^^except, and this is real key here retard, I NEVER SAID IT!!!!!! I see your comprehension skills are lacking. Work on it. Retard.


  10. First 1:29, You be sure and GO FUCK YOURSELF ALONG WITH THAT OTHER BITCH

  11. ^^^Poor pitiful stupid dave, can't stand the criticism. Boo Hoo!

  12. Did they ever have the kids head?

  13. Despite "...multiple abuses by the Kansas Attorney General's Office in the grand jury process" there is only 1 mention of an assistant attorney involved in the 3 links.

    Why no names???

    I'll fill in the blank.

    That would be Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt. The same AG that said Kansans have no expectation of the state protecting their social security numbers contained on voter rolls. Individuals have no recourse when an incompetent state official like Koback exposes them.

    Yes, the same Derek Schmidt now considering a run for Pat Roberts senate seat.

    Good luck with that.

  14. Let’s hope Schlitterbahn can go after Derek Schmidt to collect financial compensation for damages caused by his frivolous prosecution.

  15. Schmidt should go to Washington to help Brownback. Look at the attorney general’s record - last year, two maintenance workers who had been indicted for lying to investigators were acquitted. And earlier this year, two charges related to allegations that Miles had obstructed the investigation were dropped by the Kansas Attorney General’s office.

  16. 4:33, there has been no ruling that the prosecution was frivolous. Dishonest and unethical, yes, but not frivolous.

  17. From 1990 to 2004, there were 52 deaths associated with amusement park rides in US alone. Using Schmidt’s thinking process, that would be a lot of criminal trials. The guy is a typical Topeka nut case.

  18. There have been 24 deaths from the Takata exploding airbags. Company officials have admitted that they tried to cover up the incidents. How many criminal charges have been filed against their officers?

  19. Hundreds of areas teenager will no longer have an opportunity for well-paying summer jobs, the county & state will lose thousands of dollars in sales tax revenue, and the ancillary spending of out­ of ­town visitors at local establishments outside the waterpark, such as hotels, restaurants, and retailers. Not sure the interests of Kansans were well served by the Attorney General’s dishonest and unethical attempt at prosecution.

  20. It's me, and yes, I am pissed.

    Derek Schmidt is incompetent. this was not a frivolous case. It was just wildly incompetent prosecution, by our AG. (Who other than being cross eyed, looks exactly like the smug actor in the National car rental ads. Derek had never tried a Murder 2 case. He wanted to keep the case in house, (ego) so was assisted by an equally inexperienced asst. AG. He clearly should have referred it out.

    One must remember, the reason it was not handled, as it should have been, by the Wyandotte County's DA was--
    a. The experienced guy retired
    b. The new guy had no experience and booted it up to the state.
    In volleyball, that's called an "assist".
    c. The county was at least half responsible for the DECAPITATION of
    Caleb Schwab, because their Gang of Five--a committee of men
    without training in design sat around a table over sammiches
    and said, roughly, "We gotta show some control over these Texas
    assholes. Not just rubber stamp their plan. So howsabout we
    make em put a net over the slide, and hold that in place with
    some metal HOOPS!
    d. (One of the five was some sort of planner, but others were just
    the usual Dotheads, some guy from the most corrupt utility in
    America, the BPU.)
    e. It is a fact that it was the hoops that decapitated Caleb.
    f. And then it was the netting that held the head up there for hours
    and had to be cut down. Caleb's mom did not even notice,
    she was so traumatized, seeing her son's (headless) BODY lying
    on the tarmac. I know this from a police officer there, sworn
    to secrecy.
    g. So how could the county prosecute itself?
    h. How could the police department report their own bosses--
    county administration in charge of their budget?
    j. And the media still refuses to report the truth, it was a
    decapitation. Or as the UG police officer tried to call it,
    "a serious neck injury." Jesus.
    k. No, Schlitterbahn and your attorneys, it WAS a tragedy,
    AND it was a crime. AND the final crime was the incompetent
    legal prosecution team by our state.

    I am grateful that Scott Schwab's family got some closure with their
    private settlement.

    I am embarrassed for the citizens of Kansas. The AG, Derek Schmidt, has clearly been outed as inexperienced--and lacking the basic
    judgment to REALIZE it.

    He doesn't cut his own hair, change the oil in his car, or manage his own website.
    AG Derek Schmidt, a simple Topeka attorney used to fixing tickets, should have known he needed an experienced attorney to prosecute these cases.

    Shame. Shame. Shame.

    Tracy Thomas
    No More Taxes Shawnee on FB and

  21. Hey 1:57, didn't I tell you to go FUCK YOURSELF BITCH?

  22. I'd also add:
    Carl Cornwell is a fine, fine defense attorney if you are ever charged with a major crime.

    I don't know the other defense attorneys--forget their names. They did a great job for their despicable clients, especially Jeff Henry.

    Who I hope gets a big sentence in Joco for his other pending charge.

    BTW, despicable is not a defamatory thing to say about Jeff Henry. The truth is its own defense.

    I did have to laugh when Jeff Henry was caught as he was in Joco. Defense attorneys have a challenge trying to control their sociopathic and reckless clients.

    Do I think the state of Kansas will refile these cases? No. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.--who said that? TKC intellectuals, please weigh in.

    AG Derek Schmidt could not possibly take enough remedial law seminars or crash courses in How to Prosecute a Murder 2 Case to refile. He might as well just let is SLIDE.
    (Gallows humor intended.)

    The next time there is a major murder case in Kansas, I hope a future AG will have the balls and the wisdom-- to refer the case out, to an experienced professional.

  23. I've since changed my view of this case.

    See my new post on

  24. JoCoPost- nobody cares about your ramblings. You are truly a nut case.

  25. 4:46, I'll answer your question.

    Zero now, but if an airbag ever kills the kid of Kansas Legislator, look out.


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