Friday, February 08, 2019

Kansas City Star Exposes Mike Sanders Now That He's Safely In The Federal Pen

Our blog community BROKE THIS STORY BACK IN OCTOBER AND CALLED OUT THE CAMPAIGN FUND SKETCHY SITUATION and now the newspaper transcribes it . . .

Sanders sought to pay legal fees from campaign fund he looted | The Kansas City Star

Convicted for taking campaign funds, Mike Sanders sought to use other political donations to pay his defense lawyer. But a pending lawsuit blocked that.


Anonymous said...

What did the red star have to say before he went to jail? Nothing

Anonymous said...

Could he just "win" his legal fees as a silent auction item at a fundraiser? Sanders was always lucky winning nice things like that.

Anonymous said...

The state of Missouri is negligent in this matter.

Before Sanders was sentenced, I contacted the state, spoke with the Ethics Commission staff and warned them that Sanders and his wife still controlled nearly a half-million dollars in the campaign fund. I identified the account and the bank. When they didn't seem too interested, I reminded them that Sanders was going to prison for stealing from campaign funds, and that they needed to quickly freeze the account.

He had already begun to spend money on things like alcohol, gifts, personal expenses, donations to political friends.

Anonymous said...

The "red star" broke the Sanders kickback story two months before he pleaded guilty and wrote about Levotas suit when it was filed. That's what the "Red Star" had to say, 7:24

Anonymous said...

Hold. Hold. Sanders got in trouble for misusing thousands of dollars of *CAMPAIGN FUNDS*. He did *not* take any public funds. I don’t rah rah cheer federal criminal prosecutions of elected leaders just bc the target is a democrat and I am a republican. I see this as bloated federal law enforcement abuse of power against an elected official. Sanders and all elected officials are held accountable by We The People. Who holds these unelected prosecutors and police bureaucrats accountable? Contrast the small amount sanders misused from campaign donors not taxpayers with the 16 million KCFC steals from the public treasure each year in overtime and tell me who the real fraudster racketeers are. Thanks,


P.s. and what was up with that egotistical clown of a judge sentencing him to more than in the plea? Vindictive and abusive.

Juris Prudence said...

Sanders refused to co-operate and protected others.
These infractions were tip of the iceberg for crimes, imho, dating back to his prosecutor days covering up and dismissing arson crimes.
Check the cover-up of the Schutte lumberyard fire in 2003.
Query, how much money did Cathy Jolly raise for Sanders slush funds in exchange for her no-show JaCo job?

Anonymous said...

Juris you are talking about criminalizing politics, horse trading, patronage etc. it seems resentment-fueled. Elected officials are flawed but they are all we got. I trust them more than any unelected unaccountable law enforcement bureaucrat or prosecutor or judge. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Great huge big story from the star.
Old ladies who pay $1,000 a year for the paper will be thankful for this breaking news.
As they open up their big fat huge paper and read the comics and do a crossword puzzle- surely they will appreciate all the news in the 6 page star!
Fascinating to pay a ton for almost nothing.
Digital only by 2020 or stock owners will be pissed!
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