Monday, February 04, 2019

Kansas City Monday Before Work News

Hottie Joey inspires this quick consideration of ladies in the office . . .

CNN: What images of women at work tell us about sexism

Forbes: Five Social Media Hacks For Working Women

NPR: Working Women - Why The U.S. Is Behind

Closer to home, this collection of local news items inform our early morning . . .

This Week's KCMO Attractions

Hoops, 'Evita', Kelly to light up Big Town this week

From Evita at the Kauffman Center to the Globetrotters at Sprint Center; from the KC Tornadoes at HyVee Arena to the Midcoast Takeover Fundraiser Fiesta at Record Bar; and from Kelly Clarkson at Sprint to Here Comes the Mummies at Knuckleheads, Downtown will be rockin' this week.

Raytown Tragedy Aftermath

35-year-old motorcyclist dead after crash at I-70 and Manchester Trafficway

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV)- A motorcyclist has died after a crash at I-70 and Manchester Trafficway. Police said a 35-year-old Raytown man was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle eastbound when he apparently lost control and crashed the motorcycle on its side.

Local Sour Grapes Over 'Snore' Bowl

Chiefs fans celebrate 'Super Bore Sunday'

Football fans across the country apparently weren't excited about the Super Bowl LIII matchup. A recent poll found almost half of U.S. citizens were ambivalent about the outcome of the big game, which pitted the New England Patriots against the Los Angeles Rams.

Sunday Night Pile-Up Report

4-5 people injured in crash on Oldham Road

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV)-Four to five people have been injured in a crash on Oldham Road. According to police, four to five people have been injured in a crash at East 79th and Oldham Road Sunday night at 9:53. Authorities say that one of those people is in critical condition.

Kansas City MVP Glory Days

Kansas City Royals: Back in time, George Brett's 1980 MVP Season

The news of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes taking home the NFL's Most Valuable Player honors sparked an interesting realization. Mahomes is only the second player from a Kansas City professional team to win MVP. The first? Kansas City Royals legend, George Brett.

Local Cinematic Inspiration

Sundance: 'Bootstrapped' pulls a Kansas City shuffle on tech sitcoms

"Bootstrapped" wouldn't be the first television series to tackle the stranger-than-fiction absurdity of the tech industry - but it would be the first in that genre to be set in Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas City Music Scene Collab

Betse & Clark and the Urban Pioneers | Kansas City Live Music | United States | I Love KC Music

Wednesday night felt like being in tundra land, but the fiddles were playing hot at The Westport Saloon with Betse & Clark (Kansas City) and the Urban Pion

Token - Youtube Rapper ft. Tech N9ne is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I still will openly stare at a woman’s tits while talking to her and try to look up their dresses. They want you to or they would dress sexy like they do. The difference is I am very careful with my words at work.

Anonymous said...

^^and you have multiple restraining orders, are fat as hit, stink, and are bald. That seem right pedo??? Thought so.

Tracy Thomas said...

Bootstrapped sounds hilarious. I'm talking with Brian Mossman who programs the KIFF, Ks Intl Film Festival, every November, to see if he would bring this in, even earlier because he does KIFF Extra events once a month to promote our own little version of Sundance.

I wonder if they mention KC Fashion Week, the fashion show in the Crossroads?

How in the world could Peregrine Honig NOT be mentioned?????

Anonymous said...

The majority of those "cool" little skull cap type helmets HD riders wear are a joke. They comply with the law, but barely provide a bare minimum of actual protection.

You will notice almost all "Crotch Rocket" riders wear full face helmets. While many of them are nuts, the way they ride, they are still much better protected.

Anonymous said...


When I told Joey she'd need to remove her underwire bra before clearing the security checkpoint, she opted to pat me down instead!!!

Anonymous said...

"Bootstrapped" might be quite acceptable for network TV.
It has a prominent African American character, whose role be written can supply all the significant plot points, leaving the White actors to play fluff-headed dingbats.

Add to that the superficial "hipness" of the basic premises, and the ability to mock all the peripheral characters, it sounds like just what the TV Networks are looking for, sort of an updated "Friends" clone, just like everything else on the air.

Anonymous said...


Despite Joey's every effort, she still couldn't get invited for "Drinks After Work" with the Guys!
Maybe fewer Bacon Cheeseburgers, Honey?