Here's FIRST WORD on the latest political effort from a longtime Kansas City rail activist and prolific petitioner . . .

Tuesday, Clay Chastain turns in his petitions and declares himself the dark horse candidate in the race for mayor.

Unlike the other leading mayoral candidates, who are advancing their cause with other people's money and suffusing their campaigns with insipid political rhetoric like "momentum," Clay hereby commends to the voters of Kansas City what he is against and what he is for in his bid to improve Kansas City by becoming its next mayor.

What Clay is against:

1. The six council members running for mayor because they have all failed the people by...supporting tax-abated glitzy projects for the elite while largely ignoring Kansas City's high, horrific and demoralizing homicide rate, failing to forge a viable and specific vision for how to grow the city in population and revenues and supporting the undermining of petitions submitted to the city by the people.

2. Southward expansion of the streetcar system since it is obsolete, slow and does little to modernize, expand and quicken the city's pathetic transit system or help the disadvantaged get to jobs across the city.

3. Anymore taxpayer-subsidized handouts to wealthy developers for projects not located in veritable blighted areas of the city.

4. The single-terminal airport unless it costs the $1.0 billion the city told voters it would cost and unless it is built without any taxpayer monies or taxpayer loans the city told voters it would not require.

5. Kansas City's current manipulative and dishonest government that has deprived citywide voters a voice in deciding important civic issues like...the streetcar, light rail, a competing plan to remodel KCI and a taxpayer-subsidized downtown convention hotel.

6. Kansas City's regressive earnings tax that particularly hurts the working poor and stymies business and economic growth in the city.

7. The cultural, historical and pedestrian-oriented degradation of Kansas City's #1 destination - the Plaza - and its criminal invasion.

What Clay is for:

1. Making our city safer by...hiring more police including more bicycle-patrol officers and cold-case detectives, embracing a new focus on preventing violent crime by reaching out to troubled youth early and providing them guidance, support and a viable alternative to drugs and violence including making available to them a new 2-year high school trades program.

2. Much more focus on improving Kansas City's infrastructure and neighborhoods, and far less focus on glitzy downtown projects that cater to tourists and the elite.

3. Transparent, honest and competent government working in behalf of the everyday taxpayer rather than the everyday wealthy developer.

4. Transforming our community into a more green, prosperous and transit-oriented city.

5. Growing the city in population and revenues so the city has a sufficient tax base to maintain its vast infrastructure.

6. Lowering taxes and city debt by... better managing the city's general fund, conducting audits, growing the city in population and eliminating TIF.

7. A "Return to the City Beautiful."

Mayoral candidate, Clay Chastain

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  1. What are his views on unsolicited bulk email?

  2. Probably to most honest person in the race.

  3. Hell yes. Vote for clay!

  4. The above listed agenda makes sense, and it represents what most people would like to see happen.

  5. He gets my vote, no more black mayors for me, I’m done with their incompetence and lesbo accomplices

  6. A candidate thats is saying he will do what's best for the city and not his friends or himself. So far beats anyone else running with his thoughts and desires to clean up the city and improve it.

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  8. My vote for sure from the Northland.

  9. I'm voting for Clay. "Clay Knows the Way"

  10. Damn right! VOTE FOR CLAY!
    And imagine the shitfits Kraske and the crew at the Star will have!
    Oh, and the wastes of space that are on Ruckus will be foaming at the mouth!

  11. What Clay outlined he wants done is kryptonite to the current mayor and city hall.

  12. OH NO... I want some more tax payer money to be spent on grocery stores and more on committees for the Jazz Museum and 18th and Vine. I will vote for on of the great council members we have representing the 3rd District.
    Clay actually has a chance to win this. He has my vote.

  13. Clay sounds good to me. Do it. Vote for clay.

  14. CLAY FOR MAYOR! Just imagine how upset the elite will be! We will have great fun the next four yeats! It will be glorious!

  15. Based on his “for/against” outline above, anyone would be a fool to NOT vote for him. By far the most thoughtful and on point leadership plan of any of the candidates.

  16. He has my vote

  17. Clay will get a huge portion of the votes from the west side of the city.

  18. Don't forget that Chastain has a record of accomplishing a major project!
    His Light Rail plan was well thought out, workable, and was passed handily by the KC Voters.
    The Mayor and Council (after shitting a brick) simply overrode the will of the People and overturned the KC Voter's Plan by means of a tame Judge, but that nefarious horsecrap doesn't invalidate the fact that Clay created a workable and well crafted plan, and was able to present it openly and logically to the Voters.


  19. @ 10:59, Clay is against "unsolicited bulk email", except when it is delivered to your computer.

  20. Yes yes yes from Central Hyde Park!!!

  21. We've got enough "dark horses" in the race already, if you catch my drift.

  22. Clay will keep the Council honest. What we have now is a total scam and KC should not tolerate it. The Council is bullied by the 3rd and 5th districts along with the Mayor. It is all about the process ( create a welfare community to solve city problems) rather than results. Results do not matter to the council.

  23. Mayor


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