Saturday, January 19, 2019


This isn't reporting or journalism it's state run propaganda and doesn't even provide locals with a full glimpse of the discourse surrounding a controversial topic . . . Today the newspaper silenced progressive voices of dissent in order to push an Anti-Trump agenda. Meanwhile, our blog community had a much more insightful, rougher and more honest conversation about affiliations and the debate surrounding the march.

Tomorrow, they'll charge rubes 4 bucks for this . . .

Hundreds brave bitter temperatures Saturday to take part in Women's March Kansas City | The Kansas City Star

With a stiff north wind and temperatures in the mid-teens, about 600 women, men and children braved Saturday's bitter conditions to take part in Women's March Kansas City


Anonymous said...

So if the Star says 600 women, how many were there really? Maybe 150. They were so fat it looked like 600.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't brought up because the leaders of the march denounced antisemitism.

If the leaders instead said there were fine people on both sides - that would be a story!

Anonymous said...

And zero coverage of 300,000 people at March for Life in DC along with local rallies yesterday.

Anonymous said...

KC Star = Presstitutes

Gawd, are those pussy hat wearers still hanging on to that tired old coat hanger icon? You couldn't find a back alley these days.

Anonymous said...

Wiener mobile crashed on the way there.

Rabbi Fred Neulander said...

Screeches of "antisemitism" don't carry a lot of weight in Kansas City. The sun doesn't rise and set on Jewish episodes of butthurt.

Anonymous said...

Is that because Jewish women like to get fucked so much?

Anonymous said...

Fox4, a few minutes ago, told of the Farrakhan connection that caused prominent support to be retracted from this Whiners, er, Weirdos, um, Witches, I mean, Wingnuts March!

Anonymous said...

8:30, you knocked it out of the park.

Anonymous said...

With the star trying to charge $1,000 to some- it can’t afford to offend a few hundred people that offend.
Unless they are Catholic, Republicans, National Security Wall supporters, pro-life folks.
I guess they don’t have a clue why the readership dwindles and being non-relevant “just happens”.
People watch and understand.
Online only by 2020. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Anti Semitic and pro socialism. They love the Hitler way but yet they call Trump Hitler. These people don't even know what they are fighting for. Ignorance at it's worse.
I also noticed they all have their nasty hats on, do they realize socialism violates women's rights and women are raped and abused in that kind of in environment.

Anonymous said...

eating their own

Check out these early numbers:

Austin Texas
50,000 in 2017. 2000 this year. 

Cancelled. Lack of volunteers and funds. 

Washington State Women’s March (Seattle) 
Cancelled.Disbanded months ago over anti-semitsm. 

Cancelled for being too white (I'm not kidding) 

Cancelled. The two groups involved can no longer work together and both claim lack of funds and volunteers. 

New Orleans
Cancelled. For Anti-semitsm and lack of funds. 

Washington DC (Ground Zero) 
Expected hundreds of thousands. Early report is "thousands" instead. All reportedly fit easily in a 20k seat stadium. 

[link to (secure)] 

Then on top of that several cities like Madison, Dayton and New Jersey are saying they cancelled for weather. 

The whole movement just fell apart.

Anonymous said...

Jewish women are too classy to wear one of those stupid hats.