Saturday, December 15, 2018


Because this town is awash in recycled X-mas music and most of the newsies are busy running up credit card debt whilst going less than half speed, a bit of counter-programming is apropos for tonight's news junkies.

To wit and looking forward to seeing if Miley offers the full monty tonight on SNL . . .


Words of wisdom from a local leader and former KCMO Council Lady off the record and on the QT:

"Time Out for the BS from City Officials. Don't go for the Okie Doke because you and your kids receive toys, a turkey and a Holiday Party . Tell them you want the same perks the developers, campaign donors and their cronies receive. Just because our address is East of Troost Avenue doesn't mean WE aren't astute. Run and tell that!"

That's absolutely accurate and a great holiday season reminder to voters of the vigilance the X-mas season requires.

Accordingly, and EXCLUSIVE for our blog community. Here's a peek at what we can expect during the holiday season:

- MLK Rename Ram Through For The Paseo Despite A Longstanding Dispute Betwixt Urban Core Factions And Disagreement From The Parks Board

- $48-MILLION For The New Airport That Will Clandestinely Come Through The General Fund And Break The Last Of #BetterKCI Promises.

- MORE Than The $27-MILLION For Downtown Luxury Living Space Parking Paid For By KCMO Taxpayers Unwisely AT The Outset Of A Recession.

And so, while locals are smiling over charity news, these big money deals threaten to bankrupt KCMO taxpayers and put future generations into an endless cycle of debt.

More to the point, we must reiterate a common mistake with holiday warm-fuzzies intended to confuse the public about real life amid growing American income disparity . . .

Here's a an important list compiled by the good Catholics at St. Mary's that explains commonplace Christmas confusion:

Charity = Social service. Charity provides direct services like food, clothing, shelter.

Justice = Social change. Justice promotes social change in institutions or political structures.

Charity responds to immediate needs.

Justice responds to long-term needs.

Charity is directed at the effects of injustice, its symptoms. Charity addresses problems that already exist. Otherwise put: LOVE MOPS UP.

Justice is directed at the root causes of social problems. Justice addresses the underlying structures or causes of these problems. Otherwise put: JUSTICE TRIES TO MAKE SURE THE MESS ISN'T MADE TO BEGIN WITH.

Generally . . . Charity is private, individual acts.

Justice is public, collective actions.

Once again it's important to remember the conclusion of a great essay from Slate, this passage especially:

William Jewett Tucker, a reverend and future president of Dartmouth College, put it this way in 1891: Critiquing Carnegie's "Gospel of Wealth" he declared that a society could make no greater mistake than asking charity to do the work of social justice.

And all of this inspires our playlist tonight at the outset of the Kansas City Christmas Season 2018:

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Don't be such a bummer. Actually, the cheer isn't so "pointless" a lot of people get bummed out during the holidays and the local suicide rate grows higher. There's no point in being cynical because people do that for themselves. If some coverage makes people happy, there's nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

People still watch SNL? Lulz.


Btw, Miley has shown her backside enough that it's no longer a very big surprise.

Melbo said...

Agree with the first comment. No use being a grinch and pissing in the punch bowl. There is good journalism out there and if people want to make their edges less sharp during the holidays, more power to them. It's not like KC has a lot of investigative journalism anyway, most of it is is just press releases from developers.

Anonymous said...

Hoping there is more resistance to the MLK rename. If they ram through during Christmas it's not really a "win" for the revs, just an indication that they're willing to screw over most voters. It will cost them more in the long run.

Jj said...

Translation = KC looting continues for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about that Christmas murder count. Heard a bunch of sirens tonight, it's bound to get worse.

Anonymous said...

So sLIE would be considered the charity for developers then?

Anonymous said...

Jeez, Will KCMO people Al Sharpton to rename prospect and Jesse Jackson to replace Cleveland avenue?

Gus said...

Charity should be help for the needy.

Unfortunately a lot of that is picked off by deadbeats.

Justice is when deadbeats land in jail.

Anonymous said...

12th and Oak definitely wants charity to do the work of justice.

Anonymous said...

Miley's backside has seen more mileage than a '57 Chevy.... with her Daddy at the wheel.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is the KCMO council is going to ram through more than the 3 things Tony has listed. Time will tell how accurate the word on the street is.

Anonymous said...

the december council clearinghouse.

It's when kc voters are really distracted.

Anonymous said...