Share The Love: Kansas City Star Basically Just Running TKC Blog Community News!!!

Okay, at the outset of this month our blog community CALLED OUT THE HOT MESS ON I-70 and now it's "news" in the daily paper. Actually, we admire the imitation because it's a form of flattery. Meanwhile, we remember old school newsies fuming about this kind of sharing/caring because they never learned that information wants to be free and the job of a digital age publisher is NOT to try and play gatekeeper.

Take a look at opinion not quite as fun as our blog community:

'I-70 is a nightmare.' Missouri Influencers weigh in on state's infrastructure woes

Ignored. Underfunded. Unsafe. Nightmare. Those are the ways Kansas City Star readers - and some of Missouri's most influential voices - see Missouri's massive state highway system. Indeed, the state's roads and bridges have so many critical needs that, by the state's own estimate, addressing them would require more than $800 million per year in additional funding.


  1. In terms of what's most important, Jason Grill, a Missouri media consultant, said that "without a doubt, it's infrastructure."

    "Our infrastructure has been ignored for too long," said Duke Dujakovich, president of the Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO. "... Water, sewer systems and other utilities need work to prevent more expensive emergency work or major failure."

    Same thing many people have been saying for quite some time on TKC.

    Slie are you listening?

  2. ^^Why would he dope? You are nobody.

  3. Let me guess - somebody on the Star's "Distinguished Editorial Board" had to drive to Jefferson City, and they discovered that for decades MODOT has found better uses (Executive Salaries, Travel and Misc. Expenses) for the money we've been giving them to fix the roads!

    Cutting edge Journalism - if published in 1965.

  4. There's a big difference between talking to actual humans with names and ideas and solutions and hearing from a bunch of pants-shitting geezers who can't get to Walmart for their next box of Depends.


    So don't bruise yourself slapping yourself on the back.

  5. But we have a train to nowhere that goes round and round.


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