Kansas City Homicide Cold Case X-Mas

Years ago, our blog community offered a behind the scenes look at problems with this case. Now activists continue the

Janina Vasquez - Case Ravel

Around 5PM, patrol officers were called to Kansas City's Riverfront Park on February 19th, 2015. A woman has been found at the bottom of a 25 foot deep well, by a city maintenance worker. Authorities ended up classifying Janina Vasquez's death as "accidental". Her mother, Jenny Cochran, and others believe something more sinister happened.


  1. Another one for the KCPD cold case file.

  2. Even an idiot can understand this deal. Police can't or won't get serious?

  3. Too bad Bolonzo didn't have his toy drone back then he could have flown it and reported that Jackyl Da Ripper used a hole in the ground as a murder weapon. It would not have been one bit true, but we could read a lot of self serving crapola about the jackass out thinking the metro homicide squad.


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