Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Kansas City Public Defender Push Back Against Heavy Caseload Ethical Dilemma

More insight into a recent protest at the Courthouse and arguments supporting the cause of these overworked professionals:

Missouri public defenders raise concerns after recent court rulings

Public defenders are raising concerns after the Missouri Supreme Court disciplined an attorney with a large caseload of indigent clients and then told another public defender that she must ask permission before denying additional cases. Missouri State Public Defender Director Michael Barrett said the two decisions have created a conflict.


Anonymous said...

If as a public defender, my opponent was Jean Petersucker Baker I would just accept probation for my client and move on. Jean Petersucker Baker is the weakest dick prosecutor ever.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone really surprised that both prosecutors and defenders complain of too many cases at the same time the number of laws on the books increases? Everything is illegal under the wrong circumstances.

Gray Back said...

Aren't all criminal lawyers trained to get their client off. Hell, aren't judges lawyer's. The amount of money or favors that pass hands is astronomical. The bad guys and the profiled have it made.

Anonymous said...

What a cock of bullshit. How many of these public defender cases actually see a real trial? My money says it is less then 5 percent. The rest of the time the client gets sold down the river and deals are made.