Sunday, September 17, 2017


Tonight we contemplate the future of development in Kansas City with an EPIC note to City Council.

To wit . . .


Remember that we have previously reported hotel has been delayed again and Council is leaning toward killing the project that's set to ask for more money this week.
Now, here's the EPIC letter to our elected leaders. Take a look:


City Council members,

We hope you were all able to relax during the week off. Did you take time to consider what our City Hall looks like to the voters of KCMO? We are all embarrassed by the airport bid shenanigans. You add to that the fact the Hotel Developers are now positioning themselves for another run at City Hall. The Developers have lied again and again to all of us. The City Manager and the Mayor have backed up the Developers and protected their position. Times up!

Hotel: It’s time for our City Council to march into the City Managers office as a unified group and demand he answer for his inappropriate actions! There are ethics violations on his part and the mayors part when they stated contracts on the hotel were in place and the financing was there. In June the Developers also testified they had a firm price. Has anyone seen that firm price? The Financing? The Contracts?

Councilpersons Taylor, Lucas, Shields and Barnes were all at the June 8th committee meeting when the Developers stated they had everything they needed and they would not need to come back to City Hall for anything additional. Developers knew at that time they had terminated their relationship with Hyatt Hotels and there was no financing in place. Hyatt told CFRG later they never had a contract with KC Hotel Developers and the money for the hotel belonged to Hyatt financiers. Developers lied to you, to the court and two the voters.

Who among you is the leader who can get this meeting started? Who will emerge as the next strong leader in KCMO? We haven’t had one for years! This is an opportunity for a new leader to step up, gather the Council and confront the City manager and Mayor. The Mayor is pretty much done, particularly if the recall petition gets started this week. The City manager needs to resign or at least remove himself from any further participation in the hotel dealings or the airport for that matter. He has shown he is not telling you the truth.

You should all be livid having been lied to and continuously misled by the Mayor and the City Manager. In December 2016, Troy Schulte stood in front of all of you. He told you he had seen the hotel's term financing sheet and the financing for the downtown convention hotel and everything else was in order. Then on several occasions since both he and the mayor stated there were contracts in place and financing was adequate. We now know during this time they knew the developers were $30 -$40 MILLION dollars short. You bought all of this in good faith BUT THAT WAS THEN AND THIS IS NOW!

On June 8, 2017, again the Developer and his lawyer testified before your council committee stating the financing and contracts were in place, they even had a guaranteed firm price and this is the last time they would need to come before the council. The next day they stated “they would be issuing $100 Million in bonds in the next few weeks. The Developer and his attorney also lied to the judge in an earlier lawsuit about the same issues.

On June 22, the developer and his lawyer again testified everything was a go. The mayor confirmed this. What they didn’t tell you was Hyatt was out of the deal as of June 19th (3 days earlier) and Hyatt’s financing partner left with them. LIES, LIES and more LIES all backed up by the City Manager and the Mayor. You placed the trust and responsibility for monitoring the hotel project in the hands of your City Manager. It was your job and you gave it to him. He has betrayed you! The City manager needs to resign or at least remove himself from any further participation in the hotel dealings or the airport for that matter.

If you were running a business and an employee continually told you lies and falsehoods, would you continue to employ that individual? HELL NO!! NINE of you can fire the City Manager. Who among you will lead this effort. Do we have a future mayor on the City Council today??? I can tell you the voters are fed up.

Citizens for Responsible Government - Kansas City


Anonymous said...

Time to start over.

Time to get rid of all these projects that haven't delivered so far. This is a good place to start.

Anonymous said...


Regarding private investment money into the downtown convention hotel project......How LOEWS can they go???

Anonymous said...

APPLAUSE, @8:58, Well Played!

But, you underestimate just how LOEWS the LOEWSers at City Hall can sink! Don't ever forget that, just when we think we've seen their LOWESt accomplishments, they always come through and manage to push things to new LOWES!

I'm very much afraid that Slick Sly and Tricky Troy have their LOWESt stunts yes to pull, leaving us holding the bag after they've moved on into the place reserved for them both in LOWESer obscurity.

I'm the best said...




Anonymous said...


KCMO Mayor SLY JAMES & City Manager Troy Schulte are nothing more than Degenerate Commie Ass Clowns !!!

Notice they are never seen in public by themselves unless they are surrounded by their 2 bit Degenerate Security Bozo's,,,,,,,

Because they know what would happen !!!!

Kinda what trunks of older Cadillacs are for !

Anonymous said...

the voters missed their chance not voting for burke for mayor. you would be building a hotel instead of an airport and a whole lot cheaper

Anonymous said...

The hotel "developer" needs to get with the shyster in Mission, Ks, compare notes, and combine the actual amounts of money they bring to these two make-believe projects.
It's probably around $4.50.
Then continue what they've both been doing for years:
Delay, obscure, change partners, change details, and work, work, work, to get the local governments to come up with more cash.
There's clearly been very little serious due diligence done up front to even qualify people like this as folks you'd even consider spending lots of time, and in both of these cases, lots of taxpayer money as serious candidates for a public/private "partnership".
Cut your losses!
Everyone is tired of hearing the 'ole "but we've come this far".

Anonymous said...

But you have those really smart Hyde Parker's who think Sly is just the best thing ever, city hall too. They will keep voting for higher taxes to pay for private businesses, thus making their own homes unaffordable.

Anonymous said...

CFRG needs to learn to write shorter emails.

Anonymous said...

CFRG represents like four people. They know nothing of what really is going on behind the scenes. Just press them on an issue or dare to disagree with them and they get all flustered and angry. CFRG is an embarrassment to Kansas City. They should go back and hide in their Loose Park mansions.

CR said...

if you even admit they are from the loose park crowd, then you are admitting that they do have some influence.

Anonymous said...

If these charges are true then why are the Liars still in office?