Sunday, September 24, 2017

Coming Soon: More Kansas City Fighting!!!

At the end of our posting Sunday, there's still a great deal to gripe about and more challenges lay ahead.

So we make a quick list to guide our blog community through the local discourse:

- Watch The Jackson County COMBAT Debate Tomorrow - Taxpayers, Law Enforcement & Latinos oppose a poorly considered selection.

- Nobody Likes The New Airport Plan - Selling this hot mess to taxpayers is going to be harder than City Hall expected after the bidding and selection process seemed like nothing more than a circus.

- The KCMO murder rate stands @ 111 and continues to rise amid more local violence and murder.

- More elections on the way, we've got a bit of insight into an ongoing debate regarding the River Market. And nobody else has reported Mayor Sly James confronting RECALL

- The culture war continues to distract from neighborhood problems - Dilemmas closer to home have very little to do with Prez Trump's Twitter account.

And beyond this, there's even more to consider as OUR TKC BLOG COMMUNITY DISCUSSION LEADS THE METRO.

With that, enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Hopefully, we'll have more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

COMBAT needs an audit. Frank's leadership is just one of the reasons why. let's also not forget about the jail.

Anonymous said...

Slick J' recall!

agentzero said...

Ruckus says airport not going to happen

Anonymous said...


Yeah genocide is always a cool're leading the metro all right.

In mentally ill commentators.

agentzero said...

Newspaper needs to come to the pulse, people think differently after they see clear unfair widespread corruption. Streetcar and Airport but then you realize this has been going on a long time

Anonymous said...

for goodness sake, show an airport design to get people to like it, if you want to win.

otherwise, the large group of always-no voters will defeat a new airport.

Byron Funkhouser said...

The groups based its complaint on 18 U.S. Code § 227, which makes it a federal crime punishable by a fine or up to 15 years in prison or both, for a government employee to influence or threaten to influence a private company’s employment decisions.

Oh yeah, there's this little thing called "The Rule of Law".

Anonymous said...

We don't need a NEW from the ground up airport. We need a functioning airport that addresses the problems travelers don't like. It's a simple fix, not a billion dollar makeover that we taxpayers will be paying for - forever.

Anonymous said...

Byron Doing weekends in jail? You low life fuck, have you spent all our money yet?

Anonymous said...

Byron takes advantage of the "rule of the law"

Anonymous said...

WTF is that stupid sheep fucker talking about now?

Public Service Announcement said...

Hey Byron you idiot you're wrong again.
The President, like all Americans, has a First Amendment right to free speech. Through his active and blunt use of Twitter, Trump has arguably taken advantage of this right more so than any other President. It is perhaps ironic a law that Trump might not value in the context of protesting players would simultaneously protect him. Yet the First Amendment guarantees the President the right to offer opinions about sports controversies and countless other topics.
Given that the NFL is a private entity, Trump’s urging that protesting players be sanctioned carries no weight of law. Simply put, the President does not have the legal capacity to require the NFL to take any action against protesting players.

All these facts are out there to read you loser who claims to be blind but can spend hours everyday on a computer. But Trump can come after you Byron.

Anonymous said...

Byron..Byron....Remember you were told to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

NOW pull your head out and be quiet.

Anonymous said...


Somethin' ya need to start Hammering on eventually,,,

is the 4 Local TV News Media outlets who for some reason either can't or won't start reporting some of these FACTS going on around KC.

The TV news stations are helping surpress a helva lot of information and seem to be Covering up for KCMO City Hall in a shit load of ways.

Its high time the local TV News media get called out on for their failures, mis deeds and cover ups !!

Byron Funkhouser said...

...federal crime punishable by a fine or up to 15 years in prison or both, for a government employee to influence or threaten to influence a private company’s employment decisions.

Free speech pertains to the government, not ordinary citizens talking to each other.

You're deliberately misreading the First & Second Amendments. That's not just my opinion, that's the opinion of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Der Fuhrer is breaking the law, when he tells the NFL owners that they should fire their employees. This is an impeachable offense.

FIY: I read the law & applied the law, & if that is contrary to your intuitive understanding of everything then the fault is yours, not mine.

Your intuitive understanding of the First Amendment is also wrong. Is insider trading free speech? Of course, not, & neither is a government employee breaking the law, & he is an employee.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Have any of you retards actually ever seen a law book?

Do you know how to read?

18 U.S. Code § 227

Your personal attacks don't prove that I'm wrong, only that you're ignorant.

Anonymous said...

I have some sad news for you Byron: The utopia you envision will not arrive in your lifetime. Nor will it ever arrive. Human governance is inherently flawed. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, B'lieRON, where do ya access BRAILLE law books?
And what state bar are ya gonna tell us ya passed? Oh right, your son's the Wall Street attorney, your daughter's a supermodel, and Mrs. Funky is a concert pianist on disability.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ Winner^^^^^^^^^

Byron lies!

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my butt hurts said...

Teh 4 Local TV News Media outlet's, wont start reporting, some of these FACT'S!!! going on around KC, like I want them too.

The TV news station's, are helping surpress a helva lot of information. And seem to be Covering up, for KCMO City Hall, in a shit-load of way's. Its a lib conspiricy!!!

Its high time, the local TV New's media, get called out on. For there failure's, mis deeds and cover up's. I want them, to vallidate my feewings!!!

Anonymous said...

Your Liberal butt hurts from taking all that black cock.

Anonymous said...

10:06 Mentally ill = not agreeing with liberals.

Anonymous said...

Byron, you mean like using the IRS to target conservative groups? Now that's influence!

Anonymous said...

Byron how bout a refugee black supremacist opening hire in a white church any laws broken?

Anonymous said...

Byron I worked for the Government and you're way off. NOT TRUE

And you might want to toss this around in your head if you're head is big enough. which one of us can go to work and preach politics to our customers without getting fired?

Here's another one...after the five police officers were killed in Texas Obama had the organizers of BLM, who ordered the killing of these cops into the white house and praised them, along with the muslim brotherhood!

So you might want to shut your BIG mouth MORON!

Anonymous said...

12:41, you dumb fuck, that's not what the statute says. Here is the relevant part:

"(a) Whoever, being a covered government person, with the intent to influence, solely on the basis of partisan political affiliation, an employment decision or employment practice of any private entity—
(1) takes or withholds, or offers or threatens to take or withhold, an official act, or
(2) influences, or offers or threatens to influence, the official act of another...."

So are you arguing that Trump took or withheld an official act? Or that he influenced the official act of some other government person? Explain your reasoning.

I was convinced that you were just another SSDI scammer. Anybody who can use a computer like you do could find a job somewhere, particularly given the ADA requirement that employers must reasonably accommodate disabilities of job applicants. But lately I'm getting the feeling that you may in fact be SSDI disabled, but ONLY IF your disability is mental and not visual. Care to come clean on that?

Anonymous said...

I've had two poll calls in the last three weeks. They are sort of "Push" Polls. Trying to find a combination that will sell to the voting public. The last one seemed as if it was a last ditch effort to find a way, some way, any way to convince a person to say they would vote for a new airport.

Anonymous said...

Bilerun (Tony) Funkensheister if you are so sure you are correct then please explain how the government lets contracts that specify such things as working conditions to be provided by the business involved, hourly pay, benefits and more including how many minorities must be employed to work for the business? How is it governments inspect businesses with scores of agencies and tell them what they have to do?

The World said...

^^^ You read this blog too much. You're imagining that other people do too. Tony doesn't check in here as often as you do.

Get a life. Come back and tell us about it.

Not a hate comment, I just want you to be more interesting and live a little!