Friday, June 02, 2017


Amid a wild week in the local discourse, let's take a peek at the WINNING KANSAS CITY POWER PLAYERS who helped to move the local discussion forward.



There were protests tonight in the Crossroads, Plaza and throughout the metro on the topic of Prez Trump's pullout of the Paris Climate Agreement.  

Who knew that everybody in Kansas City was a climate scientist??? 

It's a fascinating revelation amid another week of outrage against a candidate that won both Missouri and Kansas by a landslide and claimed victory in 2/3 KCMO counties.

Councilman Quinton Lucas Now Leads The City Hall Political Conversation

The rest of the Council looks to him as a leader and so far he has been a voice of reason and an advocate for transparency in local government. For the most part. Nobody is perfect but our blog community admires the willingness of this elected official to interact with his constituents and the community at-large in an attempt to garner a better understanding of how government works and/or doesn't.


If it wasn't for citizen initiative petitioners and activists using KANSAS CITY DIRECT DEMOCRACY to offer checks and balances to elected officials and their efforts . . . Than a horrible NO-BID deal would have succeeded. Instead, bidding on the new airport is now OPEN because locals like Dan Coffey and Citizens For Responsible Government KC got involved.

And so . . .

Kansas City fighting persists as we take flight into the Summer and the great, unknown future . . .

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

Nice list. but we all know that SLY is the one who rules Kansas City.

it's his town.

It's his fault.

Hillary said...

But I still blame Trump and a lot of other people

Anonymous said...

Weez gunna compete againzt udder citiez for dem tourizt dollar$'z

Anonymous said...

the airport deal is still rigged. they're just pretending like it's not because they know they can get away with it in a town of stupid people.

Anonymous said...

Less rigged is still progress?


Anonymous said...

Giving bidders three weeks to put together a multi billion dollar bid and b&m the only one the right to match lowest bid is RIGGED

Anonymous said...

KCMO being ran by Degenerate Communist / Socialist MAYOR SLY JAMES ???

NAW', KCMO is being fucked over and Screwed by that Communist / Socialist Degenerate SOB Sly James Bastard, more like it !

But Remember, your supposed to be too damn stupid & ignorant to realize it or acknowledge it !!!!

That's exactly what the Communist / Socialist Party wants, is you too damn stupid to see what their doing, that way, they can continue to STEAL even more of your MONEY thru higher TAXES , leaving you with less MONEY for YOU !!!!

Remember to NOT play along with their Phony bullshit agenda !!!

Anonymous said...

Vote no on the crony airport ripoff!