Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Two more things for Tuesday night . . .

After a HORRIFIC gunfight betwixt youngsters on a Kansas City playground, the temp top cop touts gun locks as the solution:

KCPD Chief: Secure guns, protect children

Money line:

"If you have a gun in your home, it is imperative that it is stored safely. If you do not have a safe in which to keep your firearm, you can get a free gun lock with no questions asked at any of our six patrol stations, Children’s Mercy Hospital, from anti-crime groups and at a number of other locations. Our officers have even passed these out in areas where children have been shot accidentally."

It's good advice, sadly locals who would leave guns around youngsters might not be willing to take it.

And then . . .

The latest death investigation is now counted as a murder:

Fox4: According to police, officers responded to an ambulance call in the 10400 block of E. 39th and were told that a man was inside and unresponsive. That man was declared dead at the scene and is now considered a homicide investigation.

This 69th murder in Kansas City so car compared to 50 at this time last year continues a deadly trend.


And whilst there is always good advice, safety tips, vigils and anger . . . There really isn't any new plan to curb this number as the City Hall agenda is more keenly focused on development and donations as a new election cycle approaches.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

THIS is really Sly's legacy.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Nope, its the streetcar. For better or worse, it belongs to him, not to us.

Anonymous said...

Triple digits by Labor Day!

Anonymous said...

Where is sLIE?

Anonymous said...

A large amount of the murders were thug killing thug and we should be thankful for that.

Anonymous said...

Supposedly the latest victim asked to be shot in the head. Craziest sh*t from deranged folks.

Jameson said...

Agree that we could be at triple digits by the end of the Summer. And still not a peep from Sly.

Anonymous said...

What would the mayor say? Why would there be a plan, unless it's a plan to control the behavior of the depraved subhuman genetically defective negro?

Anonymous said...

Yeah let's not go blaming the mayor and the police for what is essentially a problem of defective genetics.

I mean come on.

You all know this is entirely black people, right?

Compared to the rest of us, blacks are very violent, ruin neighborhoods with crime, delinquency and "no snitching"- they are aggressive, cantankerous, and tribal in a time when we need cooperative and thoughtful citizens. Since they cannot create what whites can (or even maintain it) the best that they can hope to achieve is to bring the rest of us down to their level. Seeing how diversity is playing "the politics of the womb" we are being brought down to their level, and white flight will eventually begin anew.

If they are going to be incessant leeches on our sides it is at least time we let them all know good and hard how much they are hated and not needed. They have been shielded from the truth for far too long- something is going to have to give.

Anonymous said...

^^^ All that seems is interesting but overlooks the desperation, violence and drug abuse that is increasing in WHITE rural ghettos. Sorry, your theory is debunked every day.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the homicides are domestic and because of domestic abuse which is higher in middle income housholds. Sometimes you guys are too smart for your own good.

Anonymous said...

^^^ sorry, error in your logic. The theory is not "debunked", it's actually being proven everyday. What you've correctly identified is that these traits are passing on to another subculture.

Anonymous said...

Whites don't feel the need to kill, rape, rob each other.

Blacks sure do.

Whites are intelligent, hard-working, peaceful and cooperative. These traits allow the production of the fruits of White societies.

And blacks? The mindless violent crime; the mass production of illegitimate children; the education fails; the race hustling; the wrecking of cities. It's all evidence of mass disregard for individual responsibilities, not to mention the rights of others.

I mean, seriously, how do blacks get their illegitimacy rates up to over 70%? Or work it so they commit over half the murders in the USA?

That's facta, not theories.

Anonymous said...

Just look at Pittsburgh in 2015:

65 percent of those arrested for rape were black

72 percent of those arrested for robbery were black

70 percent of those arrested for aggravated assault were black

54 percent of those arrested for burglary were black

80 percent of those arrested for weapons offenses were black

Of known homicide offenders (33 of the 56 homicides had no suspect… a reminder of the black community’s propensity to participate in the practice of no snitching), 81.82 percent of those arrested were black


White On White said...

Often less discussed – to the consternation of experts and columnists – is the phenomenon of white-on-white homicides. The number of white people killed by other whites rose 3.5 percent to 2,574 victims in 2015.

Not to mention all the murder throughout history

Anonymous said...

Statistics be rayciss. If it wasn't for racial profiling, white privilege, systemic white oppression, white man's laws, white man's courts, white man's Bar Associations, white man's guns, and white man's inadequate welfare funding, those negroes wouldn't be murdering people so much. Dey be good chillren and wuz turning their lives around. Everyone one of dem wuz a a good boy. And kangz n sheeiit.

Meanwhile, two negroes beat up a couple of humans over cold chicken.


No, They are not like us.

Real KC said...

The reality is that there are good police officers and good people of every race. But when they stand up they often get in trouble.

Like this story from St. Louis,

A black off-duty cop tried to help stop a crime. Another officer shot him.

To deny racism is ignorant, there are real problems that need to be addressed but the obsessions of anti-social whites who are mad about their low station in life must not dominate the conversation.

Anonymous said...

KCPD says we are safe

Anonymous said...

It's interesting and fine to talk about national statistics, but let's look at the situation right here at home in KCMO.
Over 80% of the homicides in the city take place in a sixty square block area east of Troost.
The great majority or murders are black on black.
Less than 50% of the murders are ever solved because people in those neighborhoods refuse to cooperate with the police.
There is no, zero, nada leadership in the black community to change either the self-destructive behavior of the perpetrators nor the residents who "don't snitch". Instead there are endless excuses and blame for others.
The elected and appointed officials are too cowardly to honestly address the issue because they'll be called names and intimidating visits from the usual suspects.
69 homicides and counting and it's only June.
Charity begins at home.

Anonymous said...

Get your kicks when it hits 136

Anonymous said...

Whites do rob, kill everyday. It doesnt garner the same media attention as other ethnic groups. It happens often and is usually considered a fluke, which its not. Its White priviledge. Bernie Madoff, Casey Anthony, many a serial killer, random shooters... usually White. Mass murder of whole groups of people...White people. White people are not in any way nonviolent... civilized in some regards, sure. Ill give you that but nonviolent. Nope. Youre barking up the wrong tree.

Anonymous said...

Not according to forensic files.