Monday, April 24, 2017


Quick moment of contemplation and our first open question of the week before we really get into it . . .


Let's look at the evidence:

Prez Trump Inspires Local Activists To Organize And Mobilize

One protest after the next in Kansas City nearly every weekend have put locals on the street marching and increasing their activism. Like it or not, passionate involvement in the local discourse and the politics of our nation is ALWAYS good for our Democracy.

Prez Trump Budget Kills The Kansas City Toy Train Extension Plan

Controversial Tiger Grants aren't even part of the Democratic Party agenda to fight the Prez on his budget. And so, the prospects of the toy train which depends on Federal Funding have been limited and basically derailed. 

Kansas City Politicos Moved To Speak Out Amid The Age Of Prez Trump

Mayor Sly has stepped up his advocacy in the age of Prez Trump and a recent airport bullhorn protest was inspired by the Prez Trump immigration crackdown.

And so . . .

It clear that Prez Trump has transformed the politics of Kansas City . . . And very few people can say if this evolution has been for better or worse.


NPR: Trump's First 100 Days: An 'Entry-Level' Presidency

Fox News: Trump 100 days: President adds tax reform in key week

Time: President Trump's 100-Day Goals Could Lead to a Shutdown

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

If Le Pen wins, the Trump revolution has taken the world by storm!

GiGi said...

Will only agree that Sly and that bull horn at the airport was a turning point. Did not now that my mayor was going to stoop to such an insulting level and play marching soldier for the Democratic Party. Our elections are non-partisan for a reason, so that we can skip the politics of the nation and focus on what's important right here at home. Street lights, crime and supporting local business. I hat to say it, but a lot of these Trump protests have sidetracked Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Trump said he was going to fund transportation and now he is cutting it. I guess his followers can't see that he keeps on flip flopping.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I will get right on that.

Anonymous said...

4:25am pretty much hit the nail on the head.
Local issues are much more important to most people and in KCMO they've been ignored and screwed for years.
Sly and the gang have done much more harm to the city and region than Trump could ever hope to do from Washington and the skewed priorities and massive debt the folks at 12th and Oak have saddled the city with will drag it down for decades.
And the silliness of the endless marches and protests have already become background noise for most people and accomplish nothing other than marginalizing the participants.
And for 4:26am:
For the vast majority of people in this country and certainly in this region, transportation funding means adequately-funded roads, bridges, streets, sidewalks, and interstates.
Not frou frou silliness like 2-mile streetcars.
KCMO has allowed itself to be placed in a very deep hole and all for the benefit of huckster politicos, urban planners and consultants, developers and their attorneys, construction firms, and all the rest of the special interest insider menagerie that inhabits city hall.
Trump is the least of KCMO's problems.

Anonymous said...

If it's a Republican it's a flip flop.. if it's a Democrat they're becoming enlightened... fucking asshole...

Anonymous said...

Trump is the hard truth. Get used to it, we have to live within our means. Sly just plays kick the can, He will be long gone when the truth sets in. He is thinking D.C. Fuck K.C. is his game. Bill Clinton caused the housing crash when he gave loans to people that couldn't pay. Bush got the blame when the truth set in. Sly will be long gone when KCMO goes belly up, and he knows that, he will take Cleavers seat and then move on to a lobbyist job. SLY IS A FUCKING LIAR CROOK BITCH!

Anonymous said...

Trump has fucked his daughters. He is a sick rotten piece of trash who belongs in prison.

Anonymous said...

There has been no Trump agenda. His first 100 days have been marked by gaffes, legislative failures, and general incompetence. This week should only add to that comedy of errors. There will be another defeat of the healthcare reform. No money for the border wall as he wants, and no tax reform. It's easy for the Republican party to stir the masses at rally's but it seems it's impossible for them to govern.

Anonymous said...


Prez Trump Inspires Local Activists To Organize And Mobilize = Snowflakes On Parade

Prez Trump Budget Kills The Kansas City Toy Train Extension Plan = Tiger Tales

Kansas City Politicos Moved To Speak Out Amid The Age Of Prez Trump = Loquacious Laughingstocks

Anonymous said...

You have to ignore the lame stream media. They are not going to stop.

Trump could save the planet and they would still bitching, griping, and attempting to control what people think.

Anonymous said...

Most developers SLie is happily feeding and endless banquet of tax subsidies to are Republican, Trump supporters.

Anonymous said...

It been good for da city since de nogs be on da run.

Anonymous said...

too early to say.

Anonymous said...

But we got America Ninja Warrior at Union Station MAN!

World Class!

Anonymous said...

8:39 Let me list for you some of the things Trump has done and some of the things you liberals have blocked him from doing, Quote: his as you call them legislative failures.

Improved relations with China that we need. (can you guess why??)

Released an aid who was in an Egyptian jail for years.

Improved Israeli relations the anti Semitic Obama caused.

Rollback on regulations from Obama that put Cole miners back to work.

Renegotiated deal on fighter jets.

Reduced illegal immigration.

Kept car production in the country.

What the democrats have done to block his first 100 days .

Delayed Cabinet appointments.

Blocked Supreme Court nominee.

Blocked his ban from terrorists.

You want everything done in the first 100 days but you democrats block everything, and as for stirring up masses at rally's you need to look at the Democrats for that. You are the one working against this country and rioting.

If you want to see how Republicans govern. Take a good look at democrat cities and then look at Republican cities.

You my dear are a MORON!!!!

Anonymous said...

8:33am^^ Don't be a fake news addicted loser.

Anonymous said...

9:27AM. You are a typical low information Trump voter. Stop watching Fox News.

There has been NO renegotiation of fighter deals! Those deals your thinking of with Lockheed Martin don't even come up for negotiation until 2018!! Al the idiot did was release some tweets. Maybe do your home work idiot!

He has done NOTHING to reduce illegal immigration. Illegal immigration had been declining for years under Obama.

Put coal miners to work? Idiot. Those jobs don't exist anymore. Check Bloomberg news, March 27, 2017. What he really did was take away their healthcare

Israel/US relations? What did he do. Did he slash our massive aid to them and then restore it? No. That money has always flowed to them.

Improved relations with China..huh? He said they were the biggest manipulators of currency during the campaign, then he said they weren't after he was elected, so if that improves relations... oh well. Said he was going to impose tariffs during the campaign..the he said he wouldn't. Sounds like a typical flip-flopping repubtard to me.

Oh yea, he also has us on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea so there's that too! Get a clue moron. Maybe read a paper or watch something besides Fox. There's a lot happening. Get your head out of you ass Trumpkin!

Anonymous said...

10:06 gets his fake news from Barry Bath House graffiti.

Anonymous said...

10:57 is a geriatric who only knows what Fox tells him.

Anonymous said...

People here in KC care more about national politics than local issues and political things. Until that changes and people vote in local elections then KC won't change.

Anonymous said...

10:06 just took ya'll s assessment to school, that's what happened, right there.

10:57- there's lessons in life that you,apparently,haven't learned just yet.

1- that stupid ass little attempt at humor went over,about like a north Korean missile attack on Sacramento.

2- you got schooled and you know ya thing for you to have done,was fucken zip it!

3-see 1,again,then come up with something better than insinuating our former president was a homosexual.

4-go outside &'s a pretty day and you need to get some damn exercise ..anyway, I'm sure your mom doesn't need you under her feet all day!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the parasitical, progressive, "community activists" who live off of the tax payer dime and vote for a living.

Lazy, criminal filth.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I probably shouldn't leak this but I've heard from a kick-ass tipster that Trump is planning to turn the Plaza into his first mini golf resort and the clubhouse will specialize in Unicorn Frappacinos. It's also highly likely that Sly's new hotel is going to be Trump Tower II. The pres decided to do all this after he found out that KC is one of the world's most popular travel destinations now that it has a super futuristic trolley.

Anonymous said...

Hillary 2020!

(to lose again)

Anonymous said...

^^ that's it ??

Anonymous said...

Imagine her sad concession speech from the wheelchair.

Anonymous said...


White Privilege Conference is ready to open in KC

Admission is free for all whites (because you're going to get beat up), while people of color will have their admission covered by a taxpayer-funded grant.

Suggested dress code is as follows:
Whites -- business casual with any conspicuous designer label
Blacks -- Tighter and shorter is better for the ladies; oversized loose, baggy, and droopy for the men.
Latinos -- ponchos in primary colors and oversized wide-brimmed hats

During session breaks, the following refreshments will be available:
White attendees will receive complimentary drinks and hor duerves
Blacks can purchase plates of fried chicken/watermelon/Colt45
Latinos can purchase plates of tortillas/beans/tamales
Asian cuisine will be absent because no Asians will be present

What can I expect at the conference?
1) a tedious review of historical slavery, replete with photos of hangings, slave auctions, slave ships, urban poverty, etc., while young angry black adults spontaneously erupt into tears and bodily spasms, all the while threatening violence against white attendees.
2) token liberal white women who ask for forgiveness from their sin of "whiteness"
3) an appeal for reparations
4) the requisite exercise whereby the white attendees are forced to strip to their underwear and run the gauntlet while being slapped, denigrated, and spat upon.
5) a Latina describes her grueling rise from migrant farm worker, to domestic, to the suburbs and syndicated newspaper writing
6) at the conference conclusion, medical attention will be available for the whites, and their vandalized vehicles will be towed at inflated prices to a person of color's repair shop.

Anonymous said...

^^ Schooled the fool ^^
Real talk !!!

Anonymous said...

12:22 Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

12:22 where at and when? I'll be there. I am a despicable honky lipped bastard,who has worked my ass off since I was a kid.I am now a 46 yr old lower middle-class white devil,with two beautiful honky daughters. One 11 ,one youngest works her tail off to make the Honor Roll. This year she has made the principles honor roll.she has done this while doing her best to overcome some dislexia.she's also a terrific softball player and archer.
My oldest is off to school studying to be a pharmacist. She is also a beautiful girl who has worked her tail off and both are kind and considerate to everyone. Never had a lick of trouble with them,NEVER.. I've got a bad back,need two knee replacements,from working so hard and a progressive particularly nasty arthritis. I do not receive ssi or disability

I'm no good anymore and I feel like shit for being the cracker that I am I hope you're not bullshiting me about this! ! I just feel like ,who am I to have had all this good luck just handed to me..hanging drywall and finishing concrete. Putting outside sheeting on the sides of commercial buildings when it's so cold I couldn't feel my fingers,or so hot that I actually get telling how many heatstrokes a poc could of had ,instead of me!!

Damnit the morest I think about me,the more I hate me and can see what a selfish honky I've been to blacks,especially! !!

I'll be there for whatever I've got coming

Anonymous said...

There is no proof of that but there is proof Hillary's husband flies around on the pedophile Express with a convicted child rapist Hillary even defended a child rapist then laughed about getting him off this is what we avoided child rapists and pedophiles coming and going in the White House now that is fucking sick

Anonymous said...

But I love you anyway cracker..

Anonymous said...

Ty for that but I just want to rip this white skin off of me.

Jigaboo, are you saying there's a chance you could forgive me?? A chance for healing and harmony?

Anonymous said...

Lib/looney/liar @11:35 crawl back to your snowflake safespace and turn the ac below 32' while you kneel at that Barry altar. Nobody gives a buttfuck if gay play is between consenting adults. What decent humans don't want for their innocent children, is degenerate gender benders/ peepers/pedos/flashers/or any combinations of the aforementioned in school or public facilities!!! Our boys and girls should not be sharing toilet stalls, showers, and locker rooms with opposite sexes. If this is pushed too far, FUBAR freaks have free reign. It won't be just the NICE NERD or ARTSY FASHIONISTA femmie trannies who are teenaged besties with your neices and neighbors' daughters in the next stall between classes. The Anarchist Clueless Lunatic UnAmericans=ACLU will have the still penis-equipped males dressed everything from Wally Clever to Caitlyn Jenner in intimate settings with actual females of all ages. Even boys and men in burkas claiming to be "identifying" as female, won't be barred from the girls' rooms. Like what the hell, we all get to mingle while we tinkle across the country while on our way to ANYTHING GOES, AND NOTHING MATTERS???!!!

Anonymous said...

...WAS a homo? Oh, pardon my Francais...he said Michael on record HOW MANY TIMES instead of Michelle?! Hmmmmm. Don't care, was referring to his tranny toilets rights nonsense, not his private proclivities.

Anonymous said...

I know most humans expect more out of a white man, but as I recall Obamy had PTSD through most of his first 100 days. Most of that was caused by trying to find a chef to make Chitlins, BBQ, fried chicken and watermelon.

Anonymous said...

Whatever! Mooochelle wouldn't let him eat that stuff; she was fighting the fatties between trips to Hawaii.