Kansas City Losing Fight To Save Westport

Developers hope to turn this high crime district into a violent and boozy shopping mall with lots of condos and they're tearing down just about everything unique about the place in the process. Here's a reminder of a story that Northeast News covered in more detail last month . . .

Neighbors and preservationists rally to fight Westport development proposals

Westport, one of the most important historic areas in Kansas City, has no official designation as a historic district. That recent realization by historic preservationists ups the ante as midtown neighbors mount opposition to new apartment developments proposed for an area of the city that dates to the 1830s.


  1. Move Zona Rosa to Westport and let those people up north have their property back.

  2. They can dress up the Westport areas , just gunna be more Cash Flow for the robbing TRANNY BITCHES and rapists muggers killers to get more high quality products to fence ¡!

  3. Take 'em out, lil byron!

  4. sorry, but some quality residential buildings is exactly what the area needs, imho, to get some stability and balance.

  5. I said it before and I'll say it again. Destroy the Plaza and Westport and build a new baseball stadium there with plenty of parking.


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