Another Double-Wide Schlitterbahn Verrückt Settlement After Horrific Decapitation

Once again, our blog community is the only place in KC that has debated the weighty issues surrounding a horrific tragedy. Here's the latest development and another news serving . . .

Sisters injured in fatal Schlitterbahn water park accident reach settlement

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two sisters injured in a Kansas waterslide accident that killed a state lawmaker's 10-year-old son have reached a settlement with the water park's owner. Attorney Lynn Johnson on Wednesday confirmed the out-of-court deal with the Schlitterbahn park over the "Verruckt" slide accident last summer.


  1. As I recall the only "weighty issues" you discussed was whether black people were involved.

  2. I want to sue over the yard apes pissing in the water.


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