Think about this . . . Citizen media is far more concerned with public safety than most "mainstream" news outlets . . . Especially The Star who rarely if ever offers front page coverage of this town's ongoing slaughter in the urban core . . . Demand for news about crime is probably why Kansas City Area Anti-Crime Activist Alonzo Washington is one of the most prolific and popular bloggers in the Kansas City area.

The local mainstream media routinely ask for interviews and Mr. Washington mostly refuses local media requests for camera time. Still, he manages to warn people about the potential for trouble . . .

To wit . . .


IF there is a problem with the crowd it's better to be informed than surprised.

Also in a post warning of possible Plaza violence, Mr. Washington notes a very common complaint about disparity in this community. Take a look:

"It's pretty clear that Black youth are not welcomed at the Plaza. They can kill each other all over the hood & no enforcement of the curfew ever happens. However, if they step a foot on the Plaza they will be fined & arrested."

This raises a rather complex question: Is urban core violence a symptom of social unrest? Exploring this topic might be more interesting than simply blaming rap music/culture or making ignorant and predictable racial assumptions.

Nevertheless, the most important part in all of this is a continued reminder for people to be careful and aware of their surroundings on the Plaza and every other place.



  1. Don't try to think; you look more stupid than normal when you do.

    Jes' do your thing, stir the pot....

  2. way to go ruin the lighting ceremony just because your butt buddy says so. by posting this all week the kids will do something now for sure

  3. "Alonzo regularly turns down requests from the media".
    Today must be Delusional Monday!
    One of the most dangerous places in KCMO is between Alonzo and a TV camera!

  4. Wrong!, wrong!, wrong!, Mr. Washington.

    It's pretty clear that rude, destructive and violent PUNKS of any race or ethnicity are not welcomed at the Plaza.

    The police can curfew, fine or arrest people on private property - like The Plaza - but not on public city streets.

    If that is attempted on public city streets, why, that would be profiling and persecution subject to lawsuits and you damn well know it, Mr. Washington.

    Buy a clue.

  5. This cocksucker is trying to incite a riot for the sake of his own, imagined relevance.

  6. "This raises a rather complex question: Is urban core violence a symptom of social unrest?"

    Yeah, thats it. Intrepid, dedicated youth with a holy cause, bent on societal change and the elevation of all mankind to a station of altruism, empathy and charity.


    Goddamn, what a joke. This is a unexplored new talking point for disingenuous apologists for violent a African American culture. Kind of a thinking man's Rapper, on fuckin acid.

    The apologists for feral, violent, deviant behaviour, KNOW that nothing will EVER change with the participants of African American Flash Mobs, African American murder, rape, theft, assault and mayhem that is the result of societal engineering laws and media pressure to look the other way in the face of the unambiguated evidence of personal resposibility for the crimes actually committed, being asigned to the actual people who commit them.

    Now, we are to imagine that these thugs are heroes, marching hand in hand to the tune of We Will Overcome, ankle deep through the blood we are supposed to ignore and once again make excuses for.

    Societal unrest my fuckin ass.

    Total bullshit.

  7. Maybe if the coloreds cared about their own people others would then feel like any efforts to help them were not in vain.. If they want help/respect they have to help respect themselves first. This can be started in a few ways: turn in the killers. Clean up your hoods. Take advantage of the free education that is available.

  8. You know who's laughing at all of this?

    The white people who are going to steal your catalytic converters while you're on the plaza.

    They'll go completely unnoticed.

  9. Pinstripe Collection By Sears11/21/11, 6:55 AM

    At what point does Mr. Sharpie-hairline cross the line between commenting on public safety and urging violent actions against persons and property?

    I think when he writes about things that MIGHT happen, Alonzo crosses that line.

  10. turn the lights on, its easier to aim at them that way.11/21/11, 7:18 AM

    On the one hand Aw bemoans the poor misunderstood and malingned black youth. One the other hand he warns the very same black youth have bad intenet. Which is it? Also just to clarifiy, AW does not write one of the most popular blogs anywhere let alone in this city. Its a myspace page, written with a 3rd grade intellect, at best.

  11. Locomotive--

    "The police can curfew, fine or arrest people on private property - like The Plaza - but not on public city streets."

    Sorry, not to burst your bubble while you're on a rant but...yes they can. Heck the majority of those arrested on any given day might come from contacts on a public street.

    If the police see what is obviously an underage individual roaming about in the hood at 3am, do you seriously think they aren't allowed to stop and talk to them?

  12. Warning or attempting to instigate?

  13. Let's face it, thugs aren't really welcome anywhere where civilized people live, work and play.

  14. Call em "thugs" but it's "black youth" who you be talking about and no, they ain't welcome anywhere. Kinda like a flu-bug..

  15. Alonzo you are part of the problem....

  16. Alonzo states the obvious and then spends 2 weeks patting himself on the back and bitching that he should have gotten more media attention and kudos.

    We don't want your 'help' anymore. Get a job like everyone else.

  17. Alonzo, his wife Dana and their kids receive Kansas Medicare benefits.

    Why doesn't Alonzo and his wife get a paying job so us Kansas taxpayers don't havr to support his family?

  18. 9:16: The problem isn't that they are black, and you know it.

  19. I think Alonzo is doing the right thing. If he knows about a possible riot then warning people is the right thing to do. Better he says something and nothing happens than the other way around. It's strange that so many of you people criticize stop snitching but when somebody does come forward you criticize them too. A lot of people just want to complain and don't to anything to help.

  20. There's a big difference beteen no snitchin and just flat out making things up.
    Alonzo has predicted about 15 of the last two riots.

  21. 12:51,

    Alonzo Washington lives in his own little fantasy world.

    He states the absolute obvious about things, he takes credit for solving crimes that were actually solved by good detective work, he pouts because the local media could care less about putting him on the air (although Alonzo calls this HIS boycott).

    100% of his gripes are based in racism. He calls black leaders "Uncle Tom's", he doesn't actively vote in local elections, yet he constantly bitches about our elected leaders.

    All the while he is collecting welfare benefits from Kansas taxpayers, and driving around in his free Ford Edge that was awarded to him from a local car dealership.

  22. Tony and Alonzo touch peeps.

  23. It seems as though Alonzo is becoming an accomplice in all this, if it should take place Thursday evening. Is he not getting the word out and communicating all this for these people (gangs?).

    If it's successful and they show and raise hell and possibly mar or, worse, ruin this event, he seems culpable for any success--God forbid--they may have.

  24. when has Alonzo found a microphone he won't pursue; One that he doesn't want to go on the record with such as trying to incite a riot and ruin a wonderful KC tradition.

    AND once again TKC gives his ol' buddy a forum!!

    2 racists for the price of 1!

  25. Social Unrest? Nope. Poverty and lack up proper upbringing more likely. Social Unrest would be if they are attacking another group. They are killing eachother.

  26. The thugs never show up when they know the police will be there in force. It happens that way every time. For being such alleged badasses, they puss out every time.


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