Thanks to AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS this blog was the first in the metro to note the controversy surrounding the upcoming "Illegal Means Illegal" rally.

When word of this rally came down . . . A great many e-mails started flying around lwith local Latinos decrying that hatred that usually surrounds so much anti-Latino, anti-undocumented propaganda.

The situation grew even worse when a Krazy Kris Kobach facebook message boasted of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's participation. Arpaio has been a lighting rod for criticism in the current immigration debate and for his tactics which are largely ineffective.

So, given the controversy and the widespread concern over this rally from many of his constituents and folks all over the area. Representative Louis Ruiz, a Kansas House Democrat in District 32 sent an e-mail that questioned the wisdom of MidAmerica Nazarene University hosting the event.

Check it:

Dr. Robinson,

I was saddened to learn that Secretary of State Candidate, Kris Kobach, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona will be at your institution for a political rally in July. The racist reputation they have displayed against the Latino/Hispanic Communities go without compare. I shudder to think of the public relations fallout they will bring to the Nazarene Church, it could be disastrous and bring negative attention to your institution's fine reputation.

I have had Kobach appear before my Federal and State Committee in the Kansas House, he was always well mannered and answered the questions succinctly and professionally. He usually appeared to testify on controversial issues especially when it came to punitive ones; for example; Instate Tuition Law allows children of undocumented residences to attend major Kansas Universities while paying the instate tuition rate.

His cause always seem to be ones that take away instead of give; not very Christian.

I can understand wanting to use the Mid-American Church of the Nazarene University for his backdrop and by inviting Sheriff Arpaio to Olathe; he may feel your institution could validate their cause.

If you ask them the Racist Question they will deny it but it has been taught through the years that our behavior reflects our values.

I did go through Kobach's campaign expense/funding report when he ran for congress, there were several questionable donors who may have ties to supremacist groups. I asked him about this when he came before my committee and of course he had no knowledge of these groups.

Be cautious my friend and if I can be of help do not hesitate to contact me.

Louis E. Ruiz
Representative State of Kansas
District #32

To this, the response of Dr. Ed Robinson, President of MidAmerican Nazarene University was telling . . .

Representative Ruiz,

I apologize for any previous incomplete messages you may have received from me concerning the Kobach rally. In my attempts to edit the message, I have inadvertently sent them prematurely. Please forgive the imposition on your time.

Thank you for your thoughtful note concerning the event to be held on our campus. I appreciate your kindness in expressing concern for the University and its public perception. Our commitment is to use the University facility as a public/community resource. This commitment, from time to time, has included the use of our Cultural Events Center for politically based events which have included visits by local, state, and national candidates from both parties and across the political spectrum. Events have also included community forums on issues of local and national concern such as healthcare, immigration, and the economy. We have established some ground rules for such events: 1) they must be open meetings to which all you desire access may attend, 2) they must make provision for our students to attend, should they so desire or be asked by faculty for educational purposes, 3) it must be clear in the publicity and at the event itself that MNU is not a sponsor nor an endorser of the candidate or the message(s) given. To proscribe a gathering that may not be in accord with my personal social-political views would, in principle, mean that I would have to proscribe all such gatherings.

The Kobach organization is abiding by our MNU policy. We have made it very clear that our word mark and/or logo is not to be used in any of their publicity or at the event itself. No University leaders will be present at the rally to publically represent the University in any official capacity. While I cannot completely control perception (the assumption of partnership because of venue), I am not willing to sacrifice the commitment to serve as a public facility resource in the arena of political ideas as a whole.

MNU’s record of community service and community development with persons regardless of their social, ethnic or immigrant status in Olathe, Kansas City, and across the globe confirms our passion to serve as more significant than who is using our buildings. Finally, I have said publically and privately that we would gladly consider the possibility of having meetings and/or forums whose message(s) or primary perspectives provided an alternative to a candidate or movement. We would, for the sake of equity, require the same adherence to our policy and practice.

Thank you, again, for your consideration in writing and your kindness in reading my response.

Edwin H. Robinson, Ph.D.

MidAmerica Nazarene University
2030 E. College Way
Olathe, KS 66062

The lesson here is that there is already growing concern over this Kobach Rally and the publicity stunt for the aspiring Kansas Secretary of State has him aligned with forces that a great many people don't want to seem to be endorsing.

As time goes by, the anti-Latino effort to persecute the undocumented is being revealed to be nothing more than a reactionary fringe element. As this exchange demonstrates, serious people rationally discuss the impact of such divisive moves while feckless reactionaries are simply called to rally and mindlessly chant slogans crafted for them. The quick note from Representative Ruiz showed concern for the reputation of a respected institution . . . ADDITIONALLY, THERE IS A CAMPAIGN TO ADDRESS EVEN MORE MESSAGES TO THE UNIVERSITY EXPRESSING DISCONTENT WITH THE RALLY!!!

What strikes me a noteworthy is that parties concerned with the persecution of the undocumented have articulated their message with well-thought out arguments and genuine concern that seeks to avoid hateful messages. Meanwhile, the other side is simply armed with creepy slogans and a desperate need for nothing more than foot soldiers to fund their campaign and cause.

Developing . . .


  1. It's gonna be HUGE.

  2. Me personally, I stridently disagree with the premise, the on going theme, the insistence that if you want national borders secured, you are a racist.

    I love the Mexicans. I have worked with them, they are great workers, great people. Respectful, kind, jeeze its almost weird, I may have never met one I didn't like. It is weird.

    I love the food, the women and even kind of like the sound of the horns in the music. I love the optomistic attitude, the generosity, the quick and easy smiles.

    Mexicans display every single trait that we main stream Americans wnat to associate with.

    All nations secure their borders. In times of war, and in times of peace.

    Documentation, by way of census, passport, drivers license, ID cards, and protocols to awuire same are part and parcel of ANY sovergn nation's duty to its citizens.

    This ain't fuckin Somalia.

    The incessant presumed alignment, by those folks who differ in opiniion on this issue, of their opponents, as racists is Jesse Jackson horsehit that a 2nd grader can see through.

    It is counter productive and polarizing.

  3. Well put chuck, but get your nose outta their asses. If they don't want y ou advocating controlled borders, that's their problem.

    They wont say much...too afraid of being asked for their forged papers.

    You're right about the food tho. We need a dozen Taco Cabanas here in the worst way!

    I may have to check out the west side. Is it safe? Gringo Friendly? Won't shoot the payin customers? Gettin some latin pride goin? But they still need to submit their thumbprint and doing so will triple their wage. Which isn't a bad thing.

  4. Illegal means illegal.

    If you're here illegaly, then you're a crimminal.

    Why do Mexicans have a hard time with that?

  5. The minutemen are going to be there.

  6. tony-parkville7/3/10, 9:07 AM

    Sheriff Joe will be checking I.D.'s of brownies, right? No wait, it's in Kansas. Crap!

  7. I'm Married into a Mexican American family.

    I actually DO love Mexicans as much as I love anyone else.

    I'm for REAL immigration reform -- create a real path to citizenship for those ALREADY HERE and who have acted as good people should.

    But otherwise SECURE THE BORDER!

    And pardon me Tony, but if you think that makes me a terrible person, YOU ARE THE BIGOT.

  8. GO Kris & Joe - so many people including TKC want to make this a "racial" issue and it's not.

    What galls me is that the Hispanic community rallies for support because their rights are being violated - folks, if you came here illegally you have limited rights. One of those rights includes due process when you are arrested and sent back to where you came from.

    It also includes the opportunity to come to America legally and partake of all the things this country offers. You do NOT have a right to work here illegally, obtain public assistance of any kind, other than what is legally due you until you are deported.

    Illegals want to enjoy all the benefits of being a citizen without doing it the legal way. THen there are the advocates who try to portray those Americans who don't support them as being racist!! That is repulsive in itself.

    This country was founded and has grown by immigrants, that's what makes this country great.

    By these continued protests against those that advocate for cutting off benefits to illegals and requiring them to leave and return legally those folks become the bad guys.

    This is certainly overused to compare to, but what would happen if Americans protested these same issues in Mexico as the illegals do here, Americans would be jailed!! Don't believe it, read the descriptions of how Americans are treated there, better yet read the laws of Mexico and tell me Americans are flocking there to enjoy their lack of rights by the Mexican government.

    TKC espouses this issue just as Alonzo Washington espouse his against caucasians. You both enjoy free speech, even if it is hate speech!!

  9. When the Nazarene decided to move to Kansas from their location east of Troost, I always wondered if it was racially motivated.

    I think I have my answer now.

  10. American mexican7/3/10, 11:38 AM

    It's sad but mexicans are determined to be the new niggers in this country....

  11. It's Mid America Nazarene University. Not Mid American.

  12. Let's face it Hate is not a Christian Value. Now we have UMKC School of Law Harboring Prof. Krzy Kris and Mid America NAZIrene Univ. giving SANCTUARY to Krzy. Kris and Sheriff Joe(who hates Mexicans).
    I cannot believe the academic Ignorance at both of these places of higher lEARNING. I like the NAZIrene Univ. response they won't use are logo, but we will let them crap on our lawn and spew hate at our University.
    Chuck you sound a guy who sayz the N word and mentions how many black friends he has.
    Immigration REform is the only solution not hate.

  13. It's funny how people like Tony who have no personal experience of their own as a Mexican or an immigrant, wake up every morning thinking that their opinion matters in this debate.

    Next thing you know, Tony will be blogging about what it's like to be a mother and have babies.

  14. -I think I have my answer now.-

    You don't have the answer to anything. Mid America Nazarene University has been located in Olathe since its founding in 1966.

  15. Remember Machete !!!!!

    Francisco Madero !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Who cares if Sheriff Joe comes to this place or not? He is a private citizen coming to a place where he was invited to speak and the people coming are paying money to see him. Sending emails to the president or the owner of the venue when the event is clearly NOT sponsored by that organization is stupid. That is like writing to the management of the Sprint Area or Power & Light because you don't like the NAACP. Actually, all this does is make me look twice at the nature of the protesters and not a controversial Sheriff.

  17. go to older post "No one feels sorry for Councilman Riley etc" posted Feb 28,2008. You just never know when or where comments will pop up. comment posted 2/16/2010 - stealing from restaurant table - shows how low this guy is. I've been checking out all other postings since learning of this very interesting. My mind is made up. It is ARBANAS over Riley without a doubt.

  18. Maybe MNU is trying to improve their recruitment of Hispanic Students as they have a WHOPPING 2.6% Enrollment of HISPANIC CULTURE (their words not mine) Students.

    The Student Body is 85% White. Only a university with 2.6% of Latino Student Enrollment would allow a Nativist like Kobach and racist like Sheriff Joe to use their campus.

  19. Correction 2.5% Percent are hispanic culture...

  20. Special Screening of the newly released documentary, Panic Nation.

    Followed by Q&A with the director, George Adams.

    Thursday, July 22nd 6:30 p.m. JCCC - Craig Auditorium
    Put on by the Young Latino Professionals of GKC.

    Here is a trailer of the video:

    More info coming soon.

  21. Just to clarify: MidAmerica Nazarene University has been in Olathe since its founding. It went by MidAmerica Nazarene College for most of its history.

    The international headquarters of the Church of the Nazarene was at 6401 The Paseo in KCMO forever. The headquarters moved to Lenexa not too many years ago.

    A mistake IMHO...

  22. Anon 1:44

    Don't be afraid of the n word, next thing ya know, you'll be burning books, then witches...

    Now, that would be pathetic.

  23. Someone said "illegal means illegal". That's interesting to me as their definition of "illegal" seems to be different when discussing immigration than when they for example they themselves are causing a civil misdemeanor. So next time you jaywalk or cause any other civil misdemeanor be sure to think about the type of American you have become. LOL

    Someone explain how $250 bucks a head raised at a gop political fundraiser can legally go to the maricopa county sheriff's office being that the official invite says that it goes to "sheriff joe's deputies" aka the maricopa county sheriff's office.

  24. The first use of the word illegal means undocumented (wop). The second use means criminal. Illegal doesn't mean illegal because wop's aren't criminals.

  25. You don't much about the Nazarene church or other conservative Christian denominations. They are very welcoming of people of all races. Visit one of their services. You will find no hate.


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