Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Nobody ever lost money by playing to ignorant haters.

To wit . . . We already know that Sheriff Joe has supported Krazy Kris Kobach for Kansas Secretary of State.

And now the publicity machine for an upcoming gathering of angry white people has started rolling.

Kobach's Facebook blast puts it all in perspective and personally, I want him to have a great turnout despite the fact that only the REALLY lame and mostly ugly people show up to these rallies that take aim at the undocumented. Don't believe me?

Check the crowd. You'll see:

A great many seniors speaking out against the same Government that sends them a Social Security Check.

Frustrated housewives who look like they're horrible in bed.

And a few scrawny young guys who desperately want to feel persecuted for their whiteness.

Anyhoo . . . I'm only sorry that $250 is all they dare to lift off of the lame haters who would fork their money over for this kind of rally.

So please check out the "ILLEGAL MEANS ILLEGAL" rally at 7pm on July 13 at the Bell Center auditorium, MidAmerica Nazarene University, 2030 E. College Way, Olathe, Kansas.

You'll get exactly the kind of company you deserve . . . Also, it is just that ignorant working class reactionaries will have their disposable income directed toward an Ivy League Educated Lawyer and a cable news pundit.

I'm pretty confident the Mexicans aren't worried about this one.


Anonymous said...

You going T?

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I didn't know if I wanted to go to this rally. Now I know I will go.


Anonymous said...

Make sure you spell Krazy right on your check.


The Truth said...

"Nobody ever lost money by playing to ignorant haters."

So true. Obama and the democrats play that theme soooo well.

Anonymous said...

Tony, are you planning an "Illegals Doesn't Really Mean Illegal" rally?

Anonymous said...

puke--KK(K) and "Sheriff Joe" are morons.
Xenophobes, too.

Anonymous said...

And how is it that the $250 dollars per head raised at a private event can legally be used to help an elected official like Sheriff Joe or public officials like his deputies?

Anonymous said...

Don't expect a receipt because it's clear this guy is washing money. Just ask the rest of the KS GOP.

Anonymous said...

ouch. Kobach = Incompetent.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Frustrated housewives who look like they're horrible in bed.


Anonymous said...

At least Sheriff Sharp does not believe in that bull shit.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to meet one of those housewives who are horrible in bed.

Anonymous said...

I guess Sheriff Joe is bringing Krzy Kris a Pink Prison Jump Suit, so they can frolic around together or maybe role play (SHEriff and prisoner)...

UMKC School of Law how is this academic freedom (hating Mexicans), but a mere x-tra carricular activity of Prof. Krzy Kris. Just change the words.."JEW MEANS JEW" and you can see the hate hidden in Krzy Kris Mensaje.