Friday, June 24, 2016

The Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings!!!

Whilst the Brexit brings upheaval, we're focused on locals who STAY WINNING amid a turbulent and violent Summertime discourse.

To wit . . .


As always, this is the master list of who is moving up and/or staying on top of the local debate . . .

Kansas City Westside Activists Win Round One Against Developers And TIF

An outpouring of opposition and support from none other than 4th District At-Large Katheryn Shields pushed back a plan that would move residents out. 

Kansas City Biz Community Wants Clay Chastain To Quit His Light Rail Plan But The Activist Persists & Pushes Forward

In no uncertain terms, the biz community calls on Clay Chastain to abandon his light rail dreams. But years of persuasion, threats and opposition don't stop this petition kingpin.

Kander Champions Military Service Record Over Blunt Talk Against Radical Islam

There's still a lot of fight to confront here but this week some mean tweets movied Missouri SecState Kander ahead of Sen. Roy Blunt in the early battle for Internets hearts and minds.

Activist Alonzo Washington Advocates Stronger Kansas City Action Against Crime

In no uncertain terms, Kansas City's foremost activist Alonzo Washington urged the community to move beyond vigils as a response to a tragic killing of a youngster . . . Instead, he seems to encourage a more effective strategy of holding police and politicos accountable while helping to identify suspects.

Tax Fighters Against 18th & Vine Subsidy Continue To Make Their Case Against Costly City Hall Double Down

The arguments against more entertainment district cash support are growing stronger and even coming from within this East Side Community. Advocates against more cash made an effective pitch this week. 

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

KC has a lot of work to do. But more money for bars and luxury apartments isn't the way we're going to move forward. That should be the theme for this week.

Vote Trump KC said...

The British have shown us the way. I'm sure there are a lot of people in the Northland who want to make a KCxit.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ You do realize that Trump didn't even know what the Brexit was 3 weeks ago and he can't really explain it now? The guy is a flake, KC does not support him. KC is more in line with those who want to crash the Democratic convention for Bernie!

Anonymous said...

Will not vote for Kander or Chastain's plan.

NO thank you.

Anonymous said...

What about the choo-choo? It was a bad week, no Obama money. Too bad.

Anonymous said...


Brits voted to leave the EU, but go ALL IN for Lucy Pinder!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

11 pm Friday night, didn't do's shoot'en it up! Dem Democrats has my vote!

Anonymous said...

White men talking about who white men are going to vote for demonstrate their lack of understanding that the election is already over, & why! If every white man voted for Trump, he would still lose. Your micro-country may be white, but America isn't.

Does anyone think that Black Men & Women will vote for Trump, or Asian Men or Women, or Latino Men & Women. Romney got almost none of these votes & he wasn't as insulting to these voters as Trump is.

This election was over when Trump said he was going to build a wall.

Anonymous said...

Bad week for KC Bernie supporters. Such a shame that they won's both with Hillary. The GOP won't like it but we'll vote for Trump.

Anonymous said...

Oxygen deprived in the birth canal^

GB is sliding towards a recession and only a prick like Trump could consider it a beautiful thing.

It will be fun to watch him try to walk another position back.

Anonymous said...

@904, he did not know what Brexit was 3 days ago.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if Bernie's supporters vote for Trump, or not. Brexit doesn't matter. Money doesn't matter. The media doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what white men say, or do. Why is that so hard for everyone to understand? The discourse is dominated by whites, but everyone gets to vote. Demographics have already determined the result. The Republican Establishment knew this going in. Rebelling against them doesn't matter. You needed to be inclusive, & you could not bring yourselves to do this. In fact, you doubled down on your rhetoric of exclusion.

In 2017, we will have a Democratic President. The Democrats will control the Senate, & maybe even the House, & She will pick one, & possibly two, Supreme Court Justices. We will have a Liberal Supreme Court. Until the Republicans learn to tell the xenophobes & misogynists to be quiet, & let the adults speak, there will never be another Republican President.


Anonymous said...

you're nuts ..white men run shit and you know it

Anonymous said...

Alonzo the Fag, should still shut the fuck up!

Anonymous said...

Do ppl live in that abandoned warehouse that the westsiders saved, because no one else is getting moved out.

Westsiders only won if your consider eroding the tax base and ensuring that the only new resident of the Westside are millionaires who tear down single family houses and build huge modern-style mansion instead of normal middle and working class people who rent apartments.

Anonymous said...

Trump says Brexit is a good thing.

You bet. GB is accelerating towards recession, and Scotland will be separating in the next 12 months.

Trump explains how it will help his Turnberry Course.

Can one fucking reporter ask the question, "how will isolationist trade policies impact EXPORTS?"

The lack of objective understanding about global economics 101, will result in Trumpkins following this numbnutz off a friggin' cliff. Instead of leveraging the morass that GB will go through for the next few years, Trump suggests we follow the SAME DAMN COURSE.

My parents were political opposites and I remember the arguments. But they disagreed with at least a fundamental understanding of the issues. We have a R candidate that actually is selling a belief that we can walk back out economy to the 1970's.

"Air deprived", funny, but true.

Anonymous said...

Bill Lacy of the Dole Institute of Politics, William B. “Bill” Lacy. Director (785) 864-4900 seems to lacks integrity. Honoring SERIAL RAPIST Bill Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Yeah lets continue to show our ass and bad mouth Trump. The guy who wasn't going to make it through the primaries. WAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

"Kander Champions Military Service Record Over Blunt Talk Against Radical Islam"

So what is his military record? Was he a cook. a driver. a clerk?

Anonymous said...

There are enough uneducated white men in the R party to win the nomination in a divided field.

Demographers already know the outcome of the general election.

Rebrexit is already picking up steam. I wonder what dumb ass position he will take when that gets crammed up his ass.

I guess he can use another conspiracy theory.

What is similar between the two issues, is the lack of knowledge that most of the anti-establishment rubes from the GB counties had about the consequences of the exit. They match up well with the Trump xenophobes.