Taylor Swift Picks Next Prez?!?

Here's a peek at an unlikely plan that seems so far-fetched that it actually might help distract from the mostly incapacitated "big guy" who hopes that his demand for silence & obedience quiets so many critics who KNOW that that lack of leadership gives way to almost certain DEFEAT.

Check the not-so-likely alternative . . .

"Georgetown University law professor and prior Obama and Clinton administration staffer Rosa Brooks and Ted Dintersmith, a deep-pocketed Democratic donor, detailed a "blitz primary" scenario that would see Biden step out of the presidential race. “Overnight, Biden is hailed as a modern-day George Washington, not an octogenarian clinging to power with a 37% approval rating,” the proposal reads, per CNBC. “From goat to hero.”

"The accelerated process would see a new slate of Democratic candidates submit bids and delegates to the Democratic National Convention before whittling the competition to six prospective replacements for Biden. The proposal also includes a broad social media content campaign meant to engage voters by having celebrities like Swift moderate forums amongst the new candidates."

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Worried Dems pitch "blitz primary" plan suggesting Taylor Swift moderate forum to replace Joe Biden

Two prominent Democrats pitched an accelerated primary including candidate forums hosted by celebrities.

Democrats Are Fantasizing About Taylor Swift and Michelle Obama Saving the Election: Report

This is where things are at now.

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