Smallish Kansas City Lady Soccer Stadium Scores Championship Victory

For civic cheerleaders . . . Today's cowtown soccer hosting announcement is A VERY BIG DEAL.

What stands out for us . . .

The stadium is actually a lot smaller than what typically accommodates top ranking lady ballers. 

Here's a quick quote and more info:

Kansas City has sold out CPKC Stadium every game this season and is set to achieve a sell-out final in November. However, the stadium has a capacity of just 11,500 fans —  fewer than half of the over 25,000 people who attended last year’s Championship final between OL Reign and NY/NJ Gotham FC at Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego, California.

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Historic new Kansas City stadium to host 2024 NWSL Championship

CPKC Stadium was the first of its kind when it opened as the first facility built for women's soccer. Now it will host the NWSL Championships.