Show-Me Eviction Moratoriums Shut Down

Here's a note on an important rule change that will made the next pandemic just a bit more tricky to navigate . . . Here's the word that'll likely meet with a court challenge in the event of another emergency:

Affordable Housing Policy Manager with Empower Missouri, Misha Smith, said they believe the ability of local governments to make the best decisions for their citizens in real-time is crucial in public health emergencies.

“This bill took away the ability of local governments to make decisions that are best for their communities,” Smith said. “The smaller areas are going to respond much differently than larger areas, where they’re going to have the greater impact and more people facing homelessness.”

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Parson signs bill banning local eviction moratoriums

Local governments will no longer be allowed to impose temporary bans on evictions, even during a public health emergency, under multiple bills signed by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson Tuesday.