Prairie Village Suffers Zoning Crisis

Right now we want to share an update from this town's nicest suburb  . . . It seems that "Perfect Village" confronts upheaval by way of progressive politicos working to transform the old school history of this enclave  . . . So much so that even MSM news seems to notice the upheaval . . .

A quick roundup . . .

The council voted 12-1 to approve new zoning regulations for all non, single-family districts, with the biggest change coming to commercial districts.

The city will allow residential uses in all commercial districts, including the Shops of Prairie Village and the Corinth Square shopping center.

A small number of residents supported the zoning changes, but a large group of residents did not want changes made.

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'A free for all': Prairie Village makes zoning change, allows residential development in commercial districts

Wrangling over zoning continued this week in Prairie Village as the city council voted on an update to the city's codes.