Pornhub Shuts Down In Kansas As Online Crackdown Unites Politicos

A peek at the future . . .

Fewer protections for online speech make it easier to block.

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Our only hope is that lawsuit at the federal level eventually chip away that constant urge for censorship. 

Credit to this Republican for taking a moment of pause to consider arguments beyond hyperbolic concerns about one mans smut and other man's art . . . Check-it:  

When someone in Kansas visits an adult site, they’ll see a pop-up window. To continue, the user must upload information proving they’re 18 or older. Some websites that don’t enforce this could face penalties worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Kansas has joined a national trend of states passing laws that supporters hope will protect children online. A rare bipartisan rallying cry, the issue of age verification for adult content raises hairy questions about how to balance safety, privacy and free expression online.

"It sounds good on the surface,” said Mulberry state Rep. Ken Collins, one of the only Kansas Republicans to vote against the law. “But I have concerns about exactly what the definition of ‘inappropriate material’ is … my idea of that and yours might be different.”

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Pornhub blocks access to Kansas over new law requiring users to verify their age

Under a new Kansas law that took effect Monday, adult websites must verify that visitors are over the age of 18. Critics are concerned about internet users' data privacy, and one of the world's most popular websites has blocked access entirely in the state.