Politico Crystal Williams Rallies Followers By Way Of Labour Victory Across Pond

The only reason we're posting this is because we enjoy spelling Labour incorrectly. 

Also . . .

Because this former legislator and Missouri Democratic Party power player still holds a great deal of sway amongst her followers . . . Here's what Crystal Williams had to say about victory this week:

A somewhat more coherent explanation from a political blog . . .

"Labour made many promises in the party’s quest to win the race, and keeping them will be a gargantuan task that will require tackling Britain’s biggest issues including the cost of living, immigration, and rebuilding the country’s services like the health and transportation systems. A mixture of poor policy and world events outside the government’s control has left the UK’s economy struggling, translating to wage stagnation and lack of investment in state services.

"The party’s exact approach to those issues is still coalescing as the party gets a sense of how it will wield its newfound power."

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