Overland Park Farmer's Market Will Overtake Kansas City?!?!

This note features fighting about a big investment BUT given recent parking probs and crowding complaints from our KCMO city market . . . The future for local shoppers might be here . . . Check-it:

The total cost of the undertaking could total nearly $34 million, a price tag substantially higher than previous estimates.

That number became the sticking point for three councilmembers who voted against the plan, even as supporters on the council characterized the proposal as a significant public investment for an area of the city residents have long said needs attention.

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Overland Park plans to remake downtown farmers market with a $34 million renovation

The Overland Park City Council approved an updated plan to develop a new public market area between Overland Park Drive and Marty Street centered around an indoor pavilion. But the high price tag is a point of contention.