Machines Predict Travis Kelce Wedding To Taylor Swift

Yes . . . 

Of course this kind of report is pure garbage that's possibly written by AI.

That doesn't mean it's not fun. 

Also . . .

Obviously, the robots have extended an open invitation to Sarah Connor. Other guests might want to think twice about sitting at her table.

Now, here's the cold, callous & brutal computer prediction that's nearly as cynical as the PR flak who devised this faux relationship in the first place . . . Check-it:

AI software predicts the pair will marry in 2026 - 17 months after the proposal. Kelce and Swift will tie the knot in a Scottish castle on June 20, 2026, with celebrity guests in attendance at an elegant and charming wedding featuring a rustic theme and stunning views of the sweeping countryside.

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AI predicts Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift engagement, wedding venue, baby name

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have emerged as one of the most famous couples in the world with fans desperately hoping they tie the knot - and an AI has predicted key upcoming milestones for the duo