KC Fringe Fest Keeps Cowtown Weird

Forget the haters . . . This is a local opportunity to indulge local alternative fare and celebrate life outside of the cookie-cutter suburbs.

This collection of creatives is still going strong and might even surprise middle-class art patrons who have been brainwashed by the streaming Internets bland version of entertainment. 

A quick guide . . .

"Each year, the festival takes over locations all across town to show films, visual artworks, live performances that may be too new or edgy for bigger venues or screens, but which promise to entertain, delight and surprise."

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KC Fringe Festival is celebrating its 20th year. Here's what to expect

The KC Fringe Festival, which labels itself as the largest celebration of arts and culture in the Kansas City metro, will begin its 17 days of festivities on Friday, July 12.