Kansas City Playlist: Prez Biden Head Check

Despite all the chatter, excuses and political intrigue . . . One thing remains clear: 

It's over for President Biden.

At this point it's just a matter of watching the slow turn of so many who refuse to confront reality. 

Tonight we share more info on how the elite ruling class and the American public are coming to a painful realization . . .

"We're doomed": Democrats on the Hill worry Biden's interview won't save his campaign

President Joe Biden continued debate damage control during a Friday night interview on ABC News, working to persuade Democrats that he's the best candidate to defeat former President Donald Trump this fall. Behind the scenes, the interview did little to quell fear from Hill Democrats who worry that Biden's debate performance leaves his candidacy beyond repair.

Harris puts focus on beating Trump, not concerns over Biden, as she tries to appeal to Black voters | CNN Politics

Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday put the focus on the dangers of a second Trump administration, rather than the growing concerns over President Joe Biden's candidacy, as she attempted to convince Black voters to once again deliver a win for the Biden-Harris ticket.

Kamala Harris won't save Democrats if she takes over for Biden, warns historian who correctly predicted 9 of the last 10 elections

President Joe Biden remains the Democrat's best shot for the White House in 2024, Professor Allan Lichtman told WSJ, based on his election model.

Biden says he's 'first black woman to serve with a black president' in latest gaffe

President Biden described himself as the "first black woman to serve with a black president" as he twisted his words during an interview Thursday -- in his latest gaffe as he scrambles to steady his re-election campaign.

Meghan McCain: Biden won't be elected to a second term 'one way or another'

Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), said President Biden will not be elected to another term "one way or another." "Joe Biden can step aside for another candidate or...

Why is the pundit class so desparate to push Biden out of the race? | Rebecca Solnit

Yes, Biden had a bad debate - but so did Trump. The media is once again repeating the mistakes of 2016

Major Democratic donors continue calls for Biden to step aside after ABC News interview

President Joe Biden's interview and events in the days after his faltering debate performance have not quelled the fears of some major Democratic donors.

At this point we don't feel the need to try to convince the most diehard Democratic Party loyalists who remain in disbelief that White House leadership has been so duplicitous about the President's condition for so long. And only now in the face of OPEN POLITICAL REVOLT is the public aware of the crisis.

Never mind that there should have been a Democratic Party OPEN PRIMARY wherein voters were allowed to question their representation in a manner more meaningful than online complaining.

For us . . .

The real entertainment will be watching so many party insiders change their tune when the talking points are forced to justify a departure from the current Prez. 

And all of this has inspired our www.TonysKansasCity.com playlist on the topic of a political head check not only for the Prez but for our electoral system that's still able to hide the truth for so long despite the promise of the Internets and social media freedom of information . . .

This first song comes as a suggestion from TOP ECHELON KC INSIDERS who remember the 90s and rightfully contend that this Cypress Hill anthem might apply to the current conversation embroiling the White House. 

We've shared "Land Of Confusion" by Genesis more than a few times on this blog. It's a great song but features an ugly, ugly video that serves as a great historical tribute to the 1980s with the help of the Brit puppet comedy team Spitting Image. Still, we realize that all of the references might not resonate for this epoch. And so . . . We turn to a cover of the tune by Disturbed who shared an animated clip to accompany their 2005 remake. The cinematic offering speaks to the ongoing anti-authoritarian protest that we can see incorporated into a variety of modern day political movements from both left & right. Even better, we appreciate the millennial rendering of hard rock and guitar skill.

A not so fun fact deserves consideration: "In the United Kingdom, many health settings make use of the forget-me-not as a symbol to highlight that someone has dementia; it may be placed on notes, bedsides or patient boards. Also in the United Kingdom, the forget-me-not is the symbol of the Alzheimer's Society." However, we hope the tragic backstory doesn't take away from any enjoyment of this 1982 classic from Patrice Rushen with an iconic baseline devised by session man Freddie Washington for their song that continues to be referenced by many movies & artists throughout the modern era.

The 2003 tune "Unwell" by Matchbox 20 actually has a unifying message even as it speaks the pain of personal struggle with mental health issues: Lead singer Rob Thomas states that he wrote the song as a metaphor for humanity in general, a song for people who are "messed up and feel alone like that. We all feel a little messed up sometimes... you're not alone."

Just for our closest TKC denizens and to conclude tonight's musical tribute. . . It's amazing how much the iconic song "Help!" seems to apply to the predicament confronting President Biden. Backstory from a music journalist claims that the tune was the first crack in the protective shell John Lennon had built around his emotions during the Beatles' rise to fame, and an important milestone in his songwriting style.

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe & fun Saturday night.