Kansas City News Shell: Slap Fights, Drama & KCI Faux Ranking

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Bad Choices Confront NextGen

What's keeping young voters away from the polls

A growing number of young potential voters are increasingly frustrated by the politicians they have to choose from. One Kansas City resident says the age of candidates is a big reason why. Plus: Two years after Kansas lawmakers reshaped the state's four congressional districts, there's a scramble for an open seat in the 2nd District.

Pay For Play Redux Promo?!?

KCI lands on Travel + Leisure best U.S. airports list - Kansas City Business Journal

With its new single-terminal layout, artful interior and amenities, the Kansas City International Airport is swiftly gaining fans.

Community Acts Out

Northeast Arts KC President Shares Theatre Experience - Northeast News

Northeast Arts KC President Marianne Rowse is a second-generation theatre enthusiast. She has passed her passion for her craft down to her youngest son August and works with Northeast Arts to advocate for arts in the Northeast.

Meth Town Needs Extra Gig

Independence Square abuzz as extras prep for Chiefs Hallmark Christmas movie filming in Kansas City

The filming of a new Hallmark movie in Independence, Kansas City, is stirring local excitement and boosting the economy

No Discounting Heat

Kansas City Dollar Tree goes weeks without A/C

Air conditioning at the Dollar Tree location at 90th and Waldo has been out of commission for about a month, according to one frequent customer. Employees inside the store appear to be miserable in...

Celeb Summer Fashion Show Off

Kylie Jenner wows in barely-there orange bikini during sexy photoshoot

KYLIE Jenner seems to be getting a bit fruity as she models a skimpy orange bikini. The US reality star, 26, appeared to be peeling off her leggings for the desert shoot. Kylie also recently posted...

Commander-In-Chief Notes Power From Above

Biden forcefully defends Nato as he hosts summit leaders

World leaders gathered in Washington for the alliance's 75th anniversary as President Biden pledged additional aid to Ukraine.

MAGA Knows Real Opponent

Trump teases his VP pick while taking sharper aim at Kamala Harris

Trump has been in no hurry to announce his running mate since Biden's rough debate performance, and the pause has also provided him an opportunity to gut-check his choice.

Same As Old Boss?!?

Ex-Obama aides are among Biden's loudest postdebate Democratic critics

Ex-aides to President Obama have been among the loudest voices in the fiery Democratic debate over whether President Biden should withdraw from the presidential race. David Axelrod, Obama's former ...

Holy Land Against Everybody

Maps show Israel's growing war with Iran's allies

"If Israel aims for an all-out war," an expert told Newsweek, "we expect a dramatic rise in tensions across the Middle East."

Smack Down Culture War Starts

In Las Vegas, a Violent Sport Sparks Controversy

LAS VEGAS - When the meaty palm of Vasil Kamotskii, a 360-pound, 34-year-old pig farmer from Siberia known as Dumpling, struck the tender cheek of the man who faced him, it sounded like a thunderclap. Dumpling didn't appear to expend much effort - he swung lazily, the way you might bat a fly.

Olympic FAIL Underway

Problems Plaguing Paris Olympics: Political Uncertainty, False 'Anti-Sex' Bed Rumors And More

A hung parliament following snap elections, pollution in the River Seine and the lack of AC units in the athletes' Olympics Village are some of the issues Paris has faced ahead of the Summer Olympics.

Lady Celebrates Gift Of Life

Woman saved by blood transfusions to host blood drive

Angela says she was told she had a bad hemorrhage and that she needed to undergo another surgery and be put on a ventilator. Doctors weren't confident she'd survive, but nurse Bex stepp...

Warm Up Underway

Today marks the beginning of a significant warming trend begins

Pop-up showers and thunderstorms are possible late this afternoon and overnight

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