Kansas City Must Quickly Cozy Up To Veep Kamala Harris

It'll be obvious very soon but everyone who is mistakenly defending Prez Biden as a viable candidate will look silly and possibly duplicitous before it's all over. 

Again and again it's becoming clear . . .


Actually . . .

This is a lucky break for Mayor Q given that he might be able to salvage some of this work for the Administration with the Veep . . . They seem to be on good terms.

Remember that Mayor Q hosted a town hall with the Veep earlier this year on the topic of gun control after one of many local mass shootings.

Other possibilities like Michelle Obama, a last stand for Bernie or the unlikely possibility that anybody but Californians could tolerate Gov. Newsome are mostly fantastical thinking from bored pundits.

Our TKC local perspective . . .

We're sure the switcheroo will be easy for Mayor Q to pull off and only seems cringe-y because HE REFUSED TO ADMIT THE TRUTH . .  . Prez Biden is unfit to seek another term in office. 

Again . . . In the very near future Prez Biden will admit his health struggles to the American people and we'll all forget that so many politicos like the city hall honcho and KC fans of sketchy "machine politics" tried to convince us otherwise . . . THAT is why we begged Mayor Q not to get so emotionally invested in the old man. 

As for Team Kamala . . . 

Prez Biden "might" do her the world's biggest favor by making her the first lady President in history and a strong incumbent to beat.

We expect local Dems will quickly fall in line and conservatives might discover they'll be in an uphill battle and even MAGA might not be able to overturn a historic bit of progress even if it was won without much consent from voters.

Here's more deets and info as we look forward to perspectives on the hot mess in the making from our blog community . . .

The document, entitled “The case for Kamala,” was first reported by CNN and says bluntly, “We are currently losing. We need to do something different to win.” It adds, “Like it or not, there’s one realistic path out of this mess: Kamala.”

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