Kansas City Hat Tip: Patriots, MAGA Chaos & Maybe Ceasefire & Gracie's Bikini

For late night visitors we consider the legacy of hottie Pam along with another quick peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Working Local Tradition

Allied Materials in Kansas City makes US flags flown all over the country

The US flag is one of the most iconic iconic symbols of freedom. One business is producing thousands of them in Kansas City.

Dead-Tree Pops Off 

These oddball fireworks spotted in KC stands are a blast before they're even blasted

Have you spotted any of these weird-looking fireworks at your local stands?

Fire Protection Tonight

Central Jackson County Fire offers tips to stay safe with fireworks on 4th of July

The Fourth of July is always a busy day for fire departments across the United States, but the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District has some tips for staying safe around fireworks.

Fave Phtog Captures Mighty MO

Rivers Rising

Photography Blog

Cinematic Glimpse At Metro

Chiefs Hallmark Christmas movie will be shot in Independence

Independence, Mo. announced its historic square will be a backdrop for the Kansas City Chiefs Hallmark Christmas movie with shooting starting next week.

Pamela Forever . . . 

Pamela Anderson says she's 'happier than ever' on her birthday: See photos

Pamela Anderson shared an Instagram post on her birthday that included a photo of her smiling.

Pattern For Prez?!?

Some Democrats say Biden's debate performance wasn't an anomaly

"The country saw [at the debate] what those of us who have had personal interactions with him have all known for the last two and a half years," one senator said.

MAGA Makes Most Of It

'Chaos is our friend.' How Trump is quietly planning around Biden's uncertain future | CNN Politics

For much of the past year, Donald Trump and his allies have speculated that Joe Biden would not end up as the Democratic presidential nominee - suggesting without evidence that he would step down before the convention and be replaced by another candidate.

Progressives Abandon Ship

Democrats in competitive House races break from Biden

Several Democrats running in competitive House districts this cycle are breaking from President Biden, underscoring growing concerns that the incumbent could be a down-ballot liability following hi...

Vlad Gains Ground

Ukraine's army retreats from positions as Russia gets closer to seizing strategically important town

A spokesperson for Ukraine's military said its army has retreated from a neighborhood in the outskirts of Chasiv Yar, a strategically important town in the eastern Donetsk region which has been reduced to rubble under a months-long Russian assault

Maybe Holy Land Compromise

U.S. sees promising 'breakthrough' in Israel-Hamas cease-fire talks, officials say

A "breakthrough" has been made in efforts to negotiate a framework agreement for a cease-fire deal between Israel and Hamas that might bring an end to months of fighting in Gaza and see hostages released, according to a senior Biden administration official.

Heiress Fashions Stars & Stripes

Kansas City Chiefs CEO's Daughter Gracie Hunt Celebrates Fourth of July in Patriotic Bikini: 'Board Meeting in Session'

Gracie Hunt soaked up the sun on the Fourth of July. The 25-year-old daughter of Tavia Hunt and Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt shared photos of herself clad in a patriotic bikini while paddleboarding to celebrate the holiday.

Architectural Achievement Over Time

This Independence building was in the works for nearly a century before it was completed

The Community of Christ Auditorium in Independence stands on grounds originally chosen by Joseph Smith

Forecast For Tonight & Friday

FIRST WARN FORECAST: Fireworks weather looks good Thursday night

Happy Fourth of July everyone! After some heavy rain and strong thunderstorms early Friday, most of us dried out for the afternoon.

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