Kansas City Dude Earns Hard Time Despite Taking Mum To Capitol Riot

Seems like there should be some kind of leniency for any alleged revolt that also qualifies as a family vacation.

Obviously, the feds don't share our sense of humor. 

Accordingly . . . 

Here's a peek at the serious consequences . . .

At the time of his arrest, he was on the staff at Northland Church KC, according to the church’s website. After the charges were made public, however, his photo in a section called “Meet Our Team” was removed. The government said in its sentencing memorandum that his conduct on January 6 “was the epitome of disrespect for the law” and “part of a massive riot that almost succeeded in preventing the certification vote from being carried out, frustrating the peaceful transition of Presidential power, and throwing the United States into a Constitutional crisis.”

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KC man who took mom to Capitol on Jan. 6 and confronted police in tunnel gets prison time

After he left the Capitol, the government said, Kyle Kumer texted multiple people about the riot. Among the messages: "I think God was honored by our hearts and actions today."