Jackson County Judge Pushes Back Against MO AG Bailey

The property tax hot mess is heating up and today Missouri's top legal dude suffered a setback in his case that threatens to upset the tax hike status quo . . .

Check-it . . .

"The judge says Bailey violated court rules by speaking with Smith because a lawyer can’t talk about a case with someone who is represented by another lawyer unless they have permission."

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Order for sanction against Missouri AG in Jackson County assessment case

The Jackson County judge overseeing the trial on whether the county legally assessed property values found the AG violated court rules

Judge orders Missouri AG Andrew Bailey to sit for deposition over possible ethics breach * Missouri Independent

Missouri's attorney general can be deposed in a case over Jackson County's property assessment process for a possible ethics violation.

Jackson County, Missouri, property assessments trial: Judge rules Missouri attorney general can be deposed

A judge ruled Wednesday that Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey can be questioned under oath about his discussions and interactions with Jackson County Legislator Sean Smith.