Insiders: Kansas Public Transit FAIL Endangers Chiefs Move

The effort to keep the Kansas City Chiefs inside city limits ramps up this week with an upcoming visit from Guv Parson. 

One of the key components already in play . . . 


It's a bold statement for a couple of reasons but let's look at how KC insiders are backing up this claim to start . . . Remember . . .

KCATA operated more than 80 shuttle buses to Arrowhead Stadium before federal regulations changed and the transit effort curtailed due to costs.

 Now . . . According to insiders . . .

Freebie bus rides could push KCMO past Kansas in providing better transit access to Arrowhead and securing crowds for all manner of events into an uncertain future. 

Actually, we're not even sure if there are 80 busses operating in the Dotte right now. 

Here's context behind the scenes: 

"In the very near future we're going to see the American public move away from cars. In fact, it's already happening

"We're asking the Chiefs to have a bit of vision and foresight. Kansas has shown little interest in developing their public transit system and that will likely continue into the future. Meanwhile, KCMO leads the nation in transit initiatives, access and federal funding. Not only are we far ahead of Kansas but they don't seem to be willing to put any effort into catching up. 

"A stadium is about more than a parking lot and nice seats. It's a service to a community and only Kansas City has the experience and track record to bring fans to and from massive events. We've proved it for decades. Neither Johnson County nor Wyandotte County can match our record." 

At the very least . . .

Our insiders offer a preview at some of the "Keep the Chiefs" conversation that's getting a bit more aggressive with the competition from across the State Line.

Developing . . .