Indian Creek Flood Water Rapids STILL Endanger South Kansas City

Like it or not . . .

Here's another recent peek at a longstanding problem impacting locals across demographic lines:

"They did a project where they lowered the land under the bridge under Wornall that was supposed to help defer some of this, but some of this we are seeing; weve never seen it like this," longtime south KCMO resident and insurance agent Mary Nestel said. My main concern is some of the homeless that are living around here might be gone, and they could have been asleep under the bridge."

Jonathan said he lives near the area that flooded and woke up to chest-high water in his tent.

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Flash flooding not unfamiliar site for those living in south Kansas City

Flash flooding that made its way through the Kansas City area Monday morning isn't an unfamiliar site for those living in south Kansas City, Missouri.