Draconian Kansas City Parking Rules Killing River Market?!?

A simple fact that both small biz & many customers have pointed out . . .


On the low-end we've noticed many family businesses retreat from the place and overall there's no denying local frustration with management attempting to gouge drivers.

Our favorite fun fact:

Locals constantly tell planners that NOBODY is going to buy anything substantial at the River Market when they have to lug it to a destination miles away. 

More accurately they ask . . .  "Who is gonna take a watermelon on the streetcar?!?" 

And that's just a hilarious comeback that most politicos can't answer.

In a mostly apologetic report, even the newspaper is forced to acknowledge the sketchy scheme.

"Moving from free parking during the week to paid parking every day continue to add to the confusion visitors face when heading to the district."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link in a paywalled post . . .

How much is parking at Kansas City's River Market now? See the free and paid options

Free parking is becoming scarce near the City Market due to limited spots & move to paid meters. See a space cost & where to find the lots.

Actually, the article is pretty useless but a FREE Google map with a guide to parking MIGHT help locals who still don't understand the price gouging scheme . . .

Developing . . .