Did Prez Biden Defeat Democratic Party Moment Of Doubt?!?


In fact, he probably made it worse and turned the whole thing into a grudge match that he's going to lose. 

We post this one only because so many of our local Kansas City metro Democratic Party leaders are SORELY MISTAKEN by continuing to back this dude who will not be able to earn anything but an EPIC defeat.

The basics . . .

"Biden’s efforts to shore up a deeply anxious Democratic Party came as lawmakers returned to Washington confronting a choice: Work to revive his campaign or try to edge out the party leader, a make-or-break time for his campaign and their own political futures."

That's nice.

From our perspective . . . 

Demanding silent support is PERFECT unifying message that's sure to resonate in an election that was already going to be close, tough and likely have a razor-thin margin.

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