Totes Relatable: Brittany Mahomes Brags About Portugal Good Life

These kinds of posts are supposed to be "aspirational" but the REAL reason the mainstream media shares them is because the natural reaction is mostly envy and a bit of resentment.

As always, here at TKC we advise: Don't be jelly. 

Sure . . . 

Most of us are stuck in this cowtown, sweating it out and hoping that errant gunfire doesn't strike us in the a$$ and make our financial situation even worse. 

But we don't begrudge anyone their family fun. 

Even if this lady "earned" her good fortune by way of excellent high school locker placement in the vicinity of a dude who would go on to be a Super Bowl champion baller . . . Check-it:

“PortugalšŸ˜,” the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model captioned her carousel of Instagram photos.

Followers flooded Mahomes’ posts with compliments about the mommy-daughter duo’s coordinated look.

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Brittany Mahomes twins with daughter Sterling in orange swimsuits on Portugal vacation

The Kansas City Chiefs WAG vacationed with her family in Portugal over the weekend before making their way to their next stop in Europe.