TKC Politely Ignores Ava Hunt

Forgive our modesty . . . Kansas City is connected to another young, billionaire heiress BUT mainstream media celebration is A BIT MUCH for our preferences. 

To be fair, there are a bunch of dudes who have made worse comments and Ava Hunt is a young woman of 18 . . . Context . . . 

"17 Times Celebrities Made Super Creepy Comments About Underage Stars And Fans"

And so, we'll note the emergence of a new star affiliated with Super Bowl champs but not much else.

Here are the basics . . .

"Ava Hunt, who is the youngest daughter of Kansas City Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt, announced in March that she officially joined the Southern Methodist University cheer team, her dad’s alma mater."


But again . . .

Even if her socials get kinda racy, that's really not our bag and not something we're REALLY gonna focus on any time in the immediate future.

Read more via link . . .

Chiefs heiress Ava Hunt graduates from high school after committing to SMU cheerleading team

The 18-year-old is headed to Southern Methodist University, her father's alma mater, this fall. She committed to the school's cheerleading team in March.

Chiefs heiress Ava Hunt graduates from high school and jets off to DC

Ava, 18, was joined by her prominent family as she commemorated finishing high school last weekend. She then flew across the globe to D.C. to join the Chiefs on their ceremonial visit to the White House.

Developing . . .