TKC MUST READ: Guv Kelly Border War For Chiefs & Royals Hurts Both Missouri & Kansas

We've been giving Patrick Tuohey a hard time as of late not only because we know he can take a joke but also because disagree about the financial wisdom of turning away a Super Bowl dynasty.

However . . .


Even better . . .

He's the best local pundit to call out Guv Kelly for her irresponsible actions that will negatively impact residents on BOTH SIDES of the state line. 

We don't have to agree with Tuohey on everything to realize that this bit of writing is BRILLIANT . . .

Just because Governor Kelly is violating her own executive order does not mean it is in anyone else’s benefit to re-arm and ride to the sounds of guns.

The only ones who benefit from such skirmishes are the corporations that pit the two states and their various municipalities against each other. A prime example was Applebee’s, which crossed State Line Road repeatedly, adding no economic benefit to either side, but racking up sweet taxpayer-funded incentives for itself each time.

All that Kansas did the other day was provide the Chiefs and Royals leverage to play the states against each other—potentially increasing the costs to taxpayers in both states. Should the Missouri side present a package that is competitive, the teams will very likely go back to Kansas and ask it to increase its offer. This is how negotiations work. Will Kansas, now that it has gotten its developers, municipal leaders, and residents excited by the prospect of hosting the two teams, be able to say no? Or will it sweeten the deal, just a little bit, to meet this “once in a lifetime” opportunity?

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The day after the Kansas Legislature voted to use sales tax and revenue (STAR) bonds to lure the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals across the border to the