Supreme Court Rebukes Abortion Pill Threat As MOKAN AGs Fight On

Once again politics and legal action TRY & FAIL to push back against the advancement of technology. 

Context . . .

Very religious people and kind souls don't like abortion pills either but most people find the at-home tech much more acceptable than vacuum aspiration "procedures" that are, deservedly, controversial at best.

The bad news: The ubiquity of abortion pills doesn't do any favors for declining American birth rates amid the massive wave of rising immigration across the globe.  

In the meantime, here are more deets about the decision . . .

"Attorneys general for Kansas and Missouri on Thursday vowed to push forward with their legal challenge of a common abortion medication, minutes after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a group of doctors couldn't sue to ban the drug."

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Kansas, Missouri to keep fighting abortion drug after Supreme Court upholds access to it

"We are moving forward undeterred with our litigation to protect both women and their unborn children," Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey said.

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On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled to preserve access to abortion pill mifepristone.

Supreme Court rejects challenge to abortion pill in unanimous ruling

The Supreme Court made a unanimous ruling on a bid to ramp up restrictions on access to mifepristone, part of a two-drug regimen frequently used to cause abortions.

Supreme Court rules in abortion medication case, finds group lacked standing to challenge FDA approval

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that challengers the FDA's approval process of the abortion drug mifepristone lacked standing to sue the government.

Unanimous Supreme Court preserves access to widely used abortion medication

The Supreme Court has preserved access to a medication that was used in nearly two-thirds of all abortions in the U.S. last year.

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